A Labor of Love that is Recognized; A Man and My Book

Today is Labor Day, it seems like I should not be working. Writing this blog is work. I sent my blog of yesterday to computer guru Chris Jackson. I shall make guru the word of the day:

1 a Hindu guru and mystic: spiritual teacher, teacher, tutor, sage, mentor, spiritual leader, leader, master; Hinduism swami, maharishi. ANTONYMS disciple.

2 a management guru: expert, authority, pundit, leading light, master, specialist; informal whiz. ANTONYMS amateur.

I humbly wrote tp Chris.

Me: Hello my dear, Here it is. I am MOST proud of it actually. I think my blogs are getting better – and a great deal of the credit goes to you. Honestly – I shall explain in person in December.

He: Oh yes, practice makes perfect, as they are, and you are certainly well practiced as of late.

Me: Don’t you, of all people, know that. Constantly bothered by the blogs. Hahahaha I am going to blog that! I loved that when it was posted i read the related stories and only then realized that I met Ralphie (NOT the tub toy) on the anniversary of Uncle Dave’ death . I had also forgotten that he texted that I made his day and his trip to the West Coast and he gave me several xoxoxo s. I forgot about that, truly I had, forgotten about it. I have a weird memory – and that is not all that is weird about me.

So I ‘forgot’ about the meeting because of betrayal trauma because I felt betrayed by him and therefore forgot all about him. I was wrong and we are ok. In facts more than just ok as this blog will attest. He has given me permission to use his real name and to share our conversation and the contents of the note. But I shan’t, instead giving him a different nickname. He is F.P.M. which stands for Future Prime Minister or Funny Precious Man but when I am mad at him it shall be Fatuous Poop Man. One has to feel sorry for the guy, as I fear I might get mad at him again. I am trying hard to be patient and good and when I am good I am very, very good but when I am bad I am horrible.

But back to the story. I loaned by precious book, In Conversation and In Contemplation to FPM, he promised to mail it back to me. I have limited copies at the present time but that shall be remedied when I go to London and pick up the remainder of the publication run and I have another idea in mind for North American publication. So I had the spat but then ‘forgave’ and asked him to return the book and he did. Nestled in the pages was the most wonderful note which I shall quote in its entirety.

Dear Alexis,

Thank you for loaning me your masterpiece. Trust me I took good care of your precious book. I caught myself enjoying reading it while having (before) a glass of white wine and listening to some music. If I can make one suggestion you should recommend a playlist to stress an emotion while going through your book. Thanks for everything, Amicolement.

I opened the parcel and found the note when I was in the Vancouver Art Gallery Cafe – it is impossible to describe the feelings of joy and ecstasy I felt reading these words. But the joy was enhanced by a wonderful little three and a half year old girl who was at the cafe with her mother. We struck up a conversation and she came and sat with me while her mother ordered the food standing in a long line. I read the little girl the note and showed her the book which she carefully read taking note of everything I said about it. She also slobbered all over the note, but no problem, Magically, her mother spoke French and could translate the final world, The darling told her mother about the book later when I joined them at their table and showed her the two paintings I did not like. This little girl is nothing short of brilliant. I do hope I will see her again.

The joy continued – I sent the note to the principals, those that helped construct the book, who were very impressed. But then I got inspired and began to choose music for the playlist. I sent this to CPI (who edited the second edition)

Me: Yes, the playlist is an inspiring idea and I am thinking that I could get someone from the symphony to help me.

But I am doing so well on my own and have found perfect songs for at least six or seven or the works, these shall be included in a further blog. i felt and feel so inspired, it makes me love my book even more – should that be possible.

I also sent a copy of the note to Wonder Alice who emailed in response:

She: GOD what a heartthrob- did someone say, perfect man?

Me: I certainly will not tell him that you said that! I mean, it will go to his head.

But I did lie as I actually did send it onto him. He has been in Israel sending pictures from the plane, the apartment in Tel Aviv and a selfie of him on the beach. Did I tell you that he is incredibly handsome? Not that it makes any difference as he lives in Montreal and I therefore cannot gaze upon his good looks. He is getting a little sloppy in his email response but said he went to Petra with the Bedouins and there was no Internet. Likely story, hahahahah

But even more fun from sharing the note. I sent this background information to FPM

“Me: So I told my brilliant high school friend (CPI) that I thought you would someday become Prime Minister of Canada.

She: Is he into politics?

Me: I do not know. Does he have to be?

Even I laugh because it is funny and the conversation actually took place. We do have intelligent conversations most of the time. “

When provided with a copy of the note CPI wrote:

She: You should think of having the note framed, it could prove valuable if he does become Prime Minister.

Of course, I had to tell him that as well and I am thinking of having it framed. It is already getting a bit messy – the lipstick mark of where I kissed it and the little girl’s slobber. The attached picture is me kissing the note, Of course I mailed that to him. He wrote back that he loved my red glasses. More about that later.

Here is an example of him being funny.

He: Google created a folder just for you?!?!!!! Unless I created a folder while I was asleep?

He cannot figure out how Google knows so much about him as he has a tiny social media footprint in order to be discreet because of his job. I do laugh – I do think it wise that I not use his real hame as his footprint would grow and besides, if no one knows his name then other people will have to keep their hands off of him. When I show people his picture it comes with the following caveat.

Me: I will show you his picture ONLY if you promise to keep your hands off of him.

They: OK I promise.

But then they see him and say:

They: I changed my mind, How d I get in touch with him?

Me: I am not telling.

I had sent an email to Wonder Alice about my compilation of the play list.

Me: I totally am loving the idea of a playlist – it is a great idea. Green sleeves by Williams for Introduction for example. and Albania’s Adagio in G minor for Parting in Morning. It was a brilliant idea by that wonderful man. Merci Beaucoup. One might have to be a fast reader to get though the reading by the time the piece concludes. Oh well, survival of the fittest. Hahahaha. I am obviously in a great mood.

She: Haha, a fast reader god you make me laugh Alexis!

Great to hear you are in a good mood. It is finally sunny here on the fourth day of spring. I have been very productive and completed my tax return, booked my bicycle in for a service next week and my sent out invitations for my birthday dinner for December. Obviously, I would love you to come, but I feel the commute may be a tad onerous haha.

By the way, your friend is very very first class. Love it.

Love you x x x

So look at the joy and fun that FPM’s note brought. It shall be contrasted with the response from another man at an earlier time – in London. It is not pretty, nor inspiring but it does provide an interesting contrast between a good man and a mean man. The good man is , of course, FMP.

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