Goodie, Goodie I am Lactose Intolerant; Two More “I am Proud of You”; One I Love You; I Read Your Blog and Bonne Journee Ma Chere

I saw my magnificent internist yesterday – it was an exquisite visit.
He: I concur. I am proud of you as well. 
Me: Oh my goodness. Thank you so much! 
I told him of a troubling symptom and he brilliantly resolved it. I am lactose intolerant, so all I have to do is give up milk – not coffee as feared but just milk. Not even yogurt. Just milk. I am happy and already I have had soy milk and almond milk and not missing that pesky milk one little bit. Phew!  My blood pressure a glorious 120/64 and the man who has been my physician for about forty years thinks my timing is perfect. But more about the timing issue later. I stocked up on all my medications so I am good until my next visit which will be in November.  He is not planning to retire completely for a long while and his partner was specially chosen. I asked him about his partner and the reasons for the selection. I was most happy with the answers he gave. 
Then it was off to lunch with a man who has been my friend for fifty years. We have not seen one another, nor communicated very much in the past four or five years. He had a superb story to relate. His two sons took him to Greece for his 80th birthday. He raised his two sons alone much of their lives as his first wife (their mother) died of cancer when the boys were young. It was just the three of them in Greece and it was the happiest time of his life. I told him he was so justly rewarded for being such a good father. Honest to goodness, this was our conversation. 
He: I am proud of you and, Alexis, I love you! 
Me: I adore you! I can’t love because of the abuse but I adore you. 
It is hardly going to be a typical relationship where we get married and have six kids, three of which go to Harvard. For one thing he is married and for another thing he is 80 and I am 75 but as one wise woman said today.  
She: Love is Love. 
Me: Your are so right! Love is love. 
Just when I thought things were absolutely perfect then they changed and got better even. I loved the San Anselmo Inn but this hotel is closer to my internist and a pharmacy so it seemed a better choice. It turned out perfectly – perfectly. There are vast grounds, a huge swimming pool and the breakfast buffet is absolutely delicious. I was sitting having breakfast and minding my own business (well sort of) when I heard two men speaking French. I went over to their table and confirmed they were French speaking. I told them about meeting a French speaking man in Vancouver and told them that he texted: 
He: Bonne Journe Ma Chere 
Me: How sweet that is! You are precious. 
I told these two strangers that I do know it means “Good day, my dear.” but it sounds SO much better in French. One of the men volunteered: 
He: Bonne Journee Ma Chere 
Me: Oh my goodness. Be still my heart. How wonderful it sounds – his was just in writing! 
He: Bonne Journee Ma Chere
Me: Stop! Stop! I can handle only so much pleasure! 
Needless to say, I was laughing and laughing and so was everyone else. So I have not heard from the original guy in quite awhile but it is ok because the wonderful words were spoken to me. 
Something very strange happened yesterday evening. A young man (most handsome) was conversing with me. I had met him a few months ago when last visiting Marin. We were having a very intimate conversation (although I really barely knew him). Then, at the end of the conversation he told me that he had been reading my blogs. Well, of course, I had given him my blog card when we first met. It took a long time for me to realize this (and is quite profound) because he does know me as I do reveal the real inner me on the blogs. It is most eerie. I do it on purpose actually, I do confess. But this is the first time there was a realization of its effect and impact. Quite honestly, I am not sure that I like it.. It is reminiscent of the conversation at the Equinox. 
He: I read your blog Alexis
Me: Oh my goodness! Can I give you a hug and kiss you on the cheek? 
He: Of course!
He: (to Hottie) Why don’t you read her blog? 
Hottie: Because if I did she would kiss me. 
I am attaching two funny cartoons from the New Yorker found in my doctor’s office. They do make me laugh uproariously. That shall be the word of the day, when used as an adjective it means: characterized by or provoking loud noise or uproar: an uproarious party and provoking loud laugher; very funny. 
Onward with the day. The fog has lifted, perhaps the pool will beckon.  .

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