Changes in Attitude, Changes in Latitude; Those Near and Dear to Me; My Last Day at the Equinox; The Joys of Smash Ball

I recently had the most perspicacious conversation with two young women. Now how is that for a word? It is an adjective – its synonyms being: his perspicacious advisers recommended cautiondiscerningshrewd, perceptive, astute, penetrating, observant, percipient, sharp-witted, sharp, smart, alert, clear-sighted, farsighted, acute, clever, canny, intelligent, insightful, wise, sage, sensitive, intuitive, understanding, aware, discriminating; informal on the ball, heads-up, with it. ANTONYMS stupid.;
Now actually – the use of that word is proper but the use of another four letter word would have been more appropriate. The word is keen. But it is fun to play around with words. 
So the first keen conversation began with an Instagram comment by Alice Wonder, a woman known to this blog. She wrote:” I love traveling alone, it always presents interactions I would never normally encounter Today I met a 65 year old woman and we discussed in utero cognitive development, navigating domestic violence and how to decide whether or not to have children. It’s lovely how fleeting moments can have a lasting impact.” 
It was thoroughly fascinating to read as that is how she and I met several months ago. I was traveling across the Bay alone and she was traveling across the Bay alone and we met in the loo of the Sausalito ferry. We have had a continuing and extremely  rewarding correspondence since that time aided by Instagram, emails and my blog. I suppose in common parlance we are soul sisters. I am seriously considering playing match maker on her behalf with someone I used to be related to. I think they would make a perfect couple and they are age appropriate as she is 24. Would that not be fascinating? She lives in far off Australia but I am going to visit. She is going to law school, not sure when she is going to graduate, but I will ask her. So our relationship began because we both were traveling alone. I was on my way between San Francisco to Sausalito to meet a friend – she was just going to see Sausalito. We spent the next day together, I had appointments in Marin, we travelled back and forth from SF  and we practiced walking down the aisle for the imaginary wedding of Kim Me Pooh and Alicia McTwit. At that point in time we had more than one glass of wine. I laugh as I write. At this moment a photo of  the two of us is the wallpaper on my phone. I was going to match her up with Sir Richard, but decided that he was not worthy, although age appropriate because he is 31. Further more Sir Richard and I were never related – he is my former personal trainer. (oh the pain of writing that.)  
I did respond to Alice Wonder’s post: 
Me: I so agree with you and that is how we met, of course. Traveling alone is very broadening – so much more than with another person, or god forbid, with a group. 
She: Oh you’re too good to me. 
Me: Nope, you’re too good to me. 
So Wonder Alice and I think alike. travel in the same manner, are nice to one another, and constantly and steadfastly communicate with one another. Now I constantly and steadfastly communicate with two other women – well I guess one is a girl actually. So she has a nickname as well – Same First Name (hereinafter SFN)  We have some most meaningful of interactions which I will share with her permission. We ran into one another at Robson Square, she was playing in a band and after I trained with Hottie I went back to listen and afterwards she and her friends and yours truly grabbed lunch at Chipotle. She lives in Abbotsford but is now traveling. Then I also have a contact and steadfast communication with a woman in London, England. We met because she worked at her brother’s grocery store in Dolphin Square. I do not know how old she is, she is a mother, she is beautiful, she is Muslim. She is one of the main reasons that I will go to London to visit, probably in December. I constantly and steadfastly communicate with Tracey as well but we see one another because she lives in Burnaby and her husband barbecued on Thursday and it was delicious and we had such fun. 
Attached to this post will hopefully be a video that went to Instagram yesterday. My London friend commented:  
She: Alexis, you are looking better than ever. 
Me: That makes the two of us. Hahahaha Thank you dear. 
So yesterday was difficult as it was my last day at the Equinox gym and not only was I tortured with physical activity but I had to say good bye to everyone. I am leaving of my own accord so there is no reason to feel sorry for me. But it was extremely difficult. Sir Richard filmed the video that will be attached. It is me performing an exercise that I call smash ball. I did it at the gym at Dolphin Square as well. You take a ball and smash it to the floor as hard as you can. It helps if you have someone in mind that you want to smash. But this is all i will say. I was smashing someone different while in London. But interestingly, (and it just occurred to me) i was in a ‘relationship’ with the two of them at the same time while I was here in Vancouver. ‘Relationshp’ is in quotes as at least one of the relationships was highly unusual. It is the person I had in mind when I smashed the ball at the Equinox gym yesterday. My favorite moment in the video is to hear Sir Richard laugh as I smashed. Sometimes he just shakes his head in disbelief. I will miss him, this is so hard.  But I will be fine. I will talk about it more tomorrow in my blog. I need a little perspective. 

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