Instagram As Dating Service ; Coffee on the 17th Floor; Pierre the Handyman; Rowing at the Equinox; Nordstrom’s for Dogs, Bra Fitting and Meeting People New and Old

I woke up Wednesday morning to three guys coming onto me on Instagram. Just what I need in my life right now (that was said with sarcasm). They live and come from far away places so no hope of a regular relationship with walks on the beach, dinners in, dinners out, friends over etc. I have been there and done that with Belgium man and it is not a good idea. All rather time consuming. So people tease me about Tinder, or something – who needs Tinder? I use Instagram to be in touch with people close by, people I have met and plan to be with again (like Alice Wonder) but not as a dating service. Some guy just invited me to go to where he lives and pay my way. I guess he has never heard of my frequent flier miles. Although it is all rather flattering to a spry 75 year old, I shall calmly inform them that, scientifically speaking, long distance romances do not work out and I do not want tp live where they live. There are other factors I could add, but I shall not.

I woke this morning with the expectation that I would be reading my newest addition but I have not been posted as yet. Chris seldom lets me down and I do keep this in mind. He has a busy life and does such a good job of being there for me and doing great. So it is time to reshuffle. If I am not posted, I sort of get some time off as I am ahead of the game. So I think I will do something different before my noon appointment with Sir Richard of Hot.

It is now Thursday morning and I am still not posted. I am unclear as to what is happening. I keep sending the text and Chris keeps not getting it. But it did give me a day off and I wisely spent it – with Instagrams (also posted on FaceBook) and personal contact. Pierre the Handyman came by, such a dear he is and we will do the project before mentioned. The $5 wedding dress will be positioned above the bed. It is super easy to do and he thinks it is laughable, as do I.

But before he came by I spontaneously did something quite unbelievable. I took my coffee, opened the door of my 17th floor patio, sat on the chair and drank the coffee. I then took a selfie and posted it on Instagram with the following brag: “ Selfie showing me drinking coffee on the patio of my 17th floor apartment. I have an intense fear of heights so I was not able to even open the door much less stand outside when I first moved in. I have come a long way baby!”

Then it was off to the gym I went with my new running shoes and a sports bra I bought when visiting California months ago. I finally figured out how to get into it. Hahahahaha. I exercised indoors as it was very hot outside. Sir Richard decided to torture me with the rowing machine. I dutifully complained but did rather get into it and began to sing: Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream. Sir Richard captured this on a video which was posted on Instagram. One of the most endearing parts is to hear him say: This is Alexis McBride on the rowing machine for the first time ever. Go on Instagram and you can hear his darling accent.

So off i went to Landeree to grab a bite and order pastries for today. Then to Nordstrom’s briefly and then home to meet Pierre. Then it was back to Nordstrom’s to be fitted for a bra. The wonderful woman was busy with another customer so I went to the bar conveniently situated on the second floor. There I met Andrew and Bentley. Bentley is a French bulldog. I held him, his owner took a picture and that went on Instagram with the following language: “This is a miracle!! It is me on the right and Bentley on the right. We are in love and I have dog phobia.”

Then I sat next to man and we began to talk. He worked for BioMarin – what a coincidence! He now lives in Long Beach, his wife was shopping. We had the best visit and I met his wife. If I ever am in Los Angeles (and I plan to be at some point) I will visit them. He is coaching an ice hockey team. How amazing that is – what with the Uncle Dave Dryburgh connection and all.

Then the wonderful bra fitting woman appeared and took me away with her. I ended up buying two bras and one man subtly said that I was looking very perky – I wore one of them. I went back to the bar for another glass of wine and the wonderful chicken tacos. Then I started to talk to a man from White Rock whose wife and daughters were shopping. He was also an inspiration, urging his young daughter to do the driving that day. It made her feel so confident. He was a very good father, you could tell and I told him. His daughters are very well mannered and were extremely polite to me.

Then this happened. The boss guy came by – I know him from a visit months and months and months ago. He remembered me and said he was so happy to see me again. Now he is the boss of the restaurant on the third floor – so I went up and made a reservation to have dinner there on Saturday night when he will be working and I will get to see and talk to him again. Then i walked home and looked at the responses to my Instagram and Facebook posts and learned a great deal about life. I will reveal my learning at a later time.

Oh i forgot about this. I turned on TV on Wednesday morning and a woman was reporting a scientific study that showed that people lived longer if they were surrounded by positive people. Holy cow – if word gets out I will become even more popular. Will I be able to stand it? Yes, I shall because I have rid my life of negative people. There is room in my life now for positive people and I am so blessed with them. Very unlikely sources actually, not family, not old friends.

Photos are of the Instagram photos discussed above.

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