An Unbelievable Life, Unbelievable!!!; Writing at Starbucks; A Competition

My dearest friend Jennifer reached out to me in my misery – emailing me and said she would call me. But I was crying so much that a conversation would have been impossible, as it was I could barely see through the tears in oder to email. I will always be thankful for her being there for me. She has been there for me and I was there for her when she needed someone. So this is the email she sent.

My dear, dear Phoenix,

SO glad to hear you are doing fine. I knew you would — you have the strength and courage of 10! As Alfred Lord Tennyson said: “Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all”. But, really?

Have a wonderful day!


She is calling me Phoenix because I told her that I did my usual. My Phoenix arising from the ashes. But what was unbelievable is that I had been perseverating over the Tennyson quote. Honest I was. I do believe it. That it was better that I loved and lost.

New guy was so sweet actually. He emailed:

He: There’s a fallacy about something in your blog, I never sought a woman to take care of my kids. I just wanted someone to love and love my kids and not a nanny.

Me: You make a valid point,

As Evelyn pointed out in the midst of it all he knows what his kids want because after all, I had never met them.

So I guess we are talking but I do know I made the right decision and I cannot go through that pain again. I am OK, due to the help of people like Sir Richard of Hot, the guys at Equinox, Tracey and Katherine but I am sure they don’t want to go through that with me again and it would not be fair to them.

The other strange thing about the parallels between Jennifer and Alexis is this. She has hired a personal trainer and they meet on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Sir Richard of Hot and I meet on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I said in an email.

Me: You MUST take a picture of your personal trainer and so I can compare and see who is the most handsome.

I absolutely know I am going to win. And hers does not have an English accent. I love winning.

The folks at Equinox were so happy to hear that I was not going to Belgium. My membership will be moved to a month to month after the expiration of my year’s membership and I bought a package of Hottie.

Better Than Irish Cream: Look at this place, it is deserted. People heard that you were leaving, they did not want to come here knowing you would not be here.

Me: You are making me cry. I do know better though- it is just that it is 10:30 and people are at work,

What was I thinking? Deserting the guys at Equinox for some guy in Belgium?!?! Thank goodness I came to my senses.

I have changed my patterns. I used to write the blog from bed but I am now writing from the Starbucks around the corner. I had the delicious egg bites and plan to reward myself with a butter tart wen I send this off to Chris. But it isn’t working very well as I keep getting distracted and talking to people. t is paradoxical – I am getting all kinds of readers but the blog is not getting written. I laugh. The cutest little boy was here with his parents. His cute socks are pictured.

I am getting so far behind – you have not heard about the memorial service in Edmonton, or the fantastic birthday lunch at Lotus Seed with Tracey and meeting Katherine. Oh well, maybe I will blog twice. But I am having a handsome young man to dinner tonight. We have known one another for almost a year. He has been there for me through more than one crisis. Poor guy. I laugh.

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