Such a Morning with My UK Classmates; WOW What a Day Yesterday: The Greek on Mainland; and: I Can Buy My Own Flowers

I woke up this morning to an email from my former classmate and colleague Ted Powell. He informed me of his fame and celebrity sending an email to all classmates and the instructor.

He: If you have nothing better to do next Friday or Saturday evenings, you will be able to catch me on CBC, in a programme called A Royal Wedding for the Ages (or something like that) with Peter Mansbridge. They interviewed me about Edward and Wallis – of course. I expect I shall only appear for a few seconds, so blink and you may miss me! All best wishes.

Me: I am on it Ted. My apartment has not one, but two televisions. We are a bit excessive in the colonies.

Ann: (another classmate) Ted, what is CBC?

Me: Ann, please. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Me: Ted, let me know when, and if, your book launch will take place in my homeland.

So it is great to be in touch with my former classmates – those in the Biography class offered by the University of East Anglia and the Guardian, not that horrid London City University program. (or was it City University London?)

The Writer’s Resource program at the Vancouver Public Library was one of the most productive and gratifying experiences of my entire life. I was so inspired and got answers to many of my questions and concerns. I am positive that I have a publisher for my Tate Britain book, an editor for the Uncle Dave book and someone thought of a great title for my book of fiction ( not yet written). I think I am going to enter a contest using my collection of betrayal stories. So it seems like everything is wrapped up. But the greatest joy was talking to the editors, the publishers. the authors who were there. I spent about three hours chatting and laughing away. I bought books, some were given to me to review on my blog. I do not think that I could have laughed any louder or more vociferously. An author guy and I got into a conversation.

Me; I am going to live forever. My California doctor told me so three weeks ago.

He: Nobody lives forever!

Me: Who asked you? What are your credentials? You are an author not a doctor.

He: Do you want to live forever?

Me: It appears that I do not have a choice.

He: Well, OK. Tell me the name and number of that doctor of yours.

Me: OK. You may not get the same news, I must warn you.

I do know that this is not believable but it is true. I then gave his wife the name and telephone number of my doctor in California. Who said I could not share?

It was difficult to decide which book to read first but I did make a decision. I began with Cobra Clutch. It is a “Hammerhead” Jed mystery authored by A.J.Devlin, who was there at the library. We had an amazing chat wherein he actually said that I had grace. Now those of you who know me from before are not going to believe that one. But it is true and I always tell the truth (except for sometimes when I exaggerate). A.J. asked me to read and comment on the humour in the book but said i should not mark up the book. Sometimes I am dumb, it is my book so I should be able to do what I want with it but instead I promised to use post it notes instead. The picture is of the book with hordes of post it notes – It is so funny and so well written. Therefore, it will be a short blog so I can get back to reading rather than this writing.

I was starving – it was off to my very, very favorite new restaurant The Greek on Mainland. I love the food, the atmosphere, the vibes. It is a stellar place. I had the country lamb and I include a picture of that as well. The portions huge, the lamb tender and I even ate a vegetable or two. Of course, I complimented the chef on his creation and did my foodie thing explaining exactly why I loved it. Of course, things got eerie. The manager’s name is Alex (my diminutive) and the bartender’s name is Lia. I am not telling you why that is eerie – I do get to have some secrets. Before running into the restaurant for lunch I stopped at Divine Vines, which is across the street. Boy were they ever busy because of Mother’s Day. I said to Tracey (who I quite love)

Me: You are so busy because it is Mother’s ay.

She: Yes we are very busy.

Me: I don’t have any kids so I do not get flowers. But because I did not have kids I can afford to buy my own flowers. So there! So there! So There!

I began the day by doing two flower arrangements using flowers from Divine Vines. I did make a mistake in my prior blog – the composer of Higher Window is Josh Groban.

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