The Stradivarius Legacy Circle Lunch; I Will Never Forget You; Symphony Ticket Purchase; Husn Azzan; and New Nails

Chris, my computer guru is on vacation and despite that he is loyally posting my blog – what a guy! But I decided to take it easy on him and not blog, giving him a well earned rest. Unfortunately things are building up and will be lost if I do not get with it – I do live such an eventful and actually rather interesting life. Really interesting come to think of it.

Yesterday was the Stradivarius Legacy Circle Lunch at the Vancouver Symphony. I said in an honest and heart felt email to Mary – it is the best luncheon I have ever attended in all of my (almost) 75 years. First there was a rehearsal, listening to the orchestra perform from their upcoming Canada Tour. And then it was to lunch at Pyat Hall. There was wine, the speakers were eloquent and moving, the food delicious, the people interesting. It was definitely top notch. But the strangest thing happened to me. There was wine outside of Pyat Hall, I strode in and (of course) found three men to talk to. They were most charming – one bore the name of my grandfather, which made his name easy to remember. He was telling me the story of his life.

He: I will finish the story at the table.

Me: How is that going to work? We may be sitting at different tables and even at the same table we may be miles apart.

He: Don’t worry about it – it will be fine.

Man at Door: Do you know where you are seating?

Me: No, but this man next to me seems to know. My name is Alexis McBride

Man: Table Two

So I went to table two and I am sitting next to George and Mary – WOW, best seat in the house. So George went on.

He: So I was raised by a black nanny.

Me: Wow! I always wanted a black nanny.

The poor man actually got a few words in edgewise and we were marching along in the story of his life. But lunch ended and we were forced to depart.

He: I will never forget you as long as I live.

Me: Well, its a good thing you are 88, you will not have that long to remember.

He: You are the worst brat I have ever met.

Me: Thank you.

It is a true story and how he was sitting next to me – I will never know. I asked Mary about him and she said that he was a life long donor and was ‘very cool’. I agreed. I went today and purchased my symphony tickets for next year’s season. Ten series and Tea and Trumpets and tickets for the Renee Fleming concert. Not cheap but actually not all that expensive for seats listening to superb symphonic music, being played in a restored building only about a block from my apartment. Good news and bad news about the apartment. The bad news? My rent is being raised. Good news? My lease will be renewed and I love this apartment with all of my heart.

Some of my antics are captured on Instagram. But this interaction was not. The air conditioner installer arrived and I went down to pick him up at the front door. We got in the elevator with a fellow tenant, a woman who was quite rude. She exited at her floor and I commented upon her rudeness.

He: It was probably the ear phones.

Me: I do not think so, you can hear with ear phones.

He: There is a saying in my faith. Husn Azzan.

Me: What does it mean? What is your faith?

He: Islam and it means have beautiful thoughts. So you say, she is not rude, she has earphones in her ears.

Me: Either that or she is deaf. Hahahahah. But I see what you mean. That is a powerful thought and saying.

We spoke more about his faith and I agree with its tenants about Jesus and about the folly of thinking that Jesus can somehow forgive you of sins. Islam believes that it is up to God alone and I agree with that. He showed me with pride pictures of his daughter, she is so cute. So I think I will do some reading about Islam but, and do not forget this, I have got to finish the book about my Uncle. So much to do and so little time. Hahahaha.

So as many of you know I think a lot about the message I am trying to get across on this blog. I found something I had written to myself: Get the message out that you can overcome abuse but at the same time admit (to all) your sadness and despair. Now that is quite profound if I do say so myself.

The photograph is of my left hand with new new manicure by Amy. I used to have red nails to match the ruby on the engagement ring I wore, but no longer wear the ring. I wore it to keep men away and it was just not working. Amy said that I should have sparkles instead of a ring and here is a big secret. My toes have sparkles – ten sparkly toes. “How Now Brown Cow” said:

He: Wear sandals so that I can see your toes.

Me: I just might, if you have got it. Flaunt it!

I spoke to Amy during our time together.

Me: Amy, we have such a good time together and I feel close to you.

She: I do too

Me: And something has changed. I had my nails done almost every week in California for years and I never felt close to the woman who did my nails there.

She: And you come here only about once in six weeks.

Me: I know, it is rather amazing.

So, all in all, gang – it has been a great two or three days. Not all of it has been cheerful but Husn Azzan and forget the not so great things. Poof – gone.

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