A Day Begins. My Evolving Relationship with Murakami; a Neurologist; A Cab Driver; Violence Against Women; and a Strange Experience at the Hawksworth

Two days ago the morning began with an email from Sir Richard of Hot.

He: Morning Alexis. Hope you are having a relaxing morning and getting some writing done. Here is your plan for the month. Remind me if you are missing any days traveling

Me: I looked at the plan for May. I do not even get my birthday off????

He It’s a great way to start a birthday don’t you think?

Me: No! Not to gross you out or anything but a really good lay would be better. B.A. squared

Well I was joking because if there was a man around I would probably have to get up and make him breakfast. It would definitely not be worth it. Been there! Done that!

Later I walked to the Equinox, there was a woman in a short sleeve t shirt

Me: You are braver than I am, you must be cold

She: No I am not. It’s menopause

Me: Been there, done that.

She : Congratulations

Me: I cannot believe that we are walking down Robson Street talking about menopause.

Then there was a girl with ski boots, ski poles – all of it standing on the corner of West Georgia and Thurlow. .

Me: Honey – this is the street, the mountain is over there

Another passerby: Can you believe it?

Me: Don’t worry dear skier. I get lost some times too.

So it was a nice day so Sir Richard and I trained outside with me doing a lot of complaining. Back home to have Klaus turn off the gas (as it is officially spring) and fix the TV. Back outside, a short walk to VAG to do a final visit of the last days of the Murakami exhibit. I first made mention of the exhibit in the February 4, 2018 blog when I got to stand around with a pink umbrella and a pink beanie on Granville Street. As I mentioned, it was the closest I had ever been to being a prostitute. After doing our duty on the street the volunteers were invited to view the exhibit. I did not as I was decidedly turned off. But a couple of months later a volunteer suggested that I go on a docent led tour and learn more about the man and his art. I did so and gained an appreciation but did not have time to view the videos interviewing Murakami and showing his complex work in progress. Two days ago I did and I was extremely impressed. I gained appreciation of his ever evolving style and his ability to adapt to new situations using Japanese traditions. I was turned on. So I am glad I exposed myself and learned a lot – not just about him but about Japanese traditions. I was humbled by my initial closed mind but gladdened by my ability to learn and to change. A man walked up to me saying: “Don’t I know you from somewhere?” I foolishly told him all of my secrets but found no connection. It ended up that he went to the Equinox gym. So note to self: If some says you look familiar just ask them if they go to the Equinox – do not tell them all of your secrets.

Then i ran into the VAG staff person to whom I had loaned my Tate book. I was growing distressed as I thought she was going to look at it briefly, bring it back to VAG, call me and we would put it in the VAG library (her idea). It had been weeks ago and as I only have a few copies, I was becoming distressed. But she had a different understanding and was spending time enjoying, down right devouring the book. So we worked it all out and i shared the blog in which I spoke of Emily Carr needing solitude to inspire her creativity. The woman spoke of a seed in the ground needing dark before it flourished. It was an excellent analogy.

I went to the Cafe and had quiche and a glass of wine and went home to bed – very early as I was very tired.

Yesterday it was off to the neurologist, an appointment rare as hen’s teeth. He assured me that I did not have a stroke as there was no inflammation and no narrowing of the arteries. But that was the extent of his exploration- to rule things out – not to explore what did happen that frightening evening. I do admit that I was disappointed as I want an answer to the mystery. But apparently it is not forthcoming. Moreover, I do not get to see him again.

Me: I am being punished for my good health. I don’t get to see you again!

He: No, as you did not have a stroke.

Me: That happened with me and my gastroenterologist. A normal colonoscopy and now I do not get to see him for five years.

He: You should not complain!

Me: I just did.

Then I called Yellow Cab and had a great chat with the driver ending with me saying how much I appreciated the services provided by Yellow Cab and the drivers I had met.

He: It is because you are so pleasant and so easy to talk to.

Me: Yes, I am sure that it true. People who are miserable invite misery. Rude people attract rudeness.

He: And you have no idea how rude people can be.

Me: Well, I do have an idea and they do not see themselves as being the culprit and instead complain about how rude other people are, particularly to people who are helping them. The helpers are viewed as inferior but it is just the opposite. You people do a good job and deserve respect.

He: Thank you!

I have also taken another positive step. If I see a man or a woman who is well dressed, I compliment them. Most people dress horribly with their torn jeans and colorless drab clothing. It is interesting that the well dressed people are wearing clothes they had for ages. Yesterday I wore a blazer, left over from my lawyer days. Navy blue with pin stripes – it had to be at least fifteen years old, perhaps twenty.

So it was not the clothing that got me kicked out of Hawksworth Restaurant by the big deal operations manager. Goodness knows what it was. I will digest the experience and get back to you in more detail.

On the way from RBC, the gym, the cleaners and on my way to the Hawksworth I spied a demonstration and went to see what was going on. It was impressive – BC Nurses Union were asserting that violence is not part of the job and were taking a stand against violence directed towards women. I spoke to two of them.

Me: But why was this not publicized? Why am I learning about it accidentally by walking down the street? Social media is alive and well.

They: We are going to a meeting afterwards, we will raise this issue.

Me: Thank yo s much for listening to me. What you are doing is so important! I am not that crazy about the MeToo movement as it seems to take control out of women’s hands. A woman has to say NO with the knowledge that she will be supported. That is what you are saying: “We will support you!”

The picture is of the signs they were sporting. Most other people on West Georgia Street were looking at their phones in total oblivion. This city is getting me down – the vast majority of people are vacant and vague. I am beginning to understand why. It is not a pretty picture – this city is so corrupt. I will do more research and explain the root causes. Later.

I have an announcement to make. No I am not getting married again – I hate making breakfast for one thing – there are others. Wait for it!

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