Leaving On a Jet Plane; Reflections on an Incredible Performance of the Vancouver Symphony;; Texts from Hottie; Ending with A Message That Made Me Cry

So I am leaving on a jet plane but I do know when I am coming back. I don’t particularly want to go but medical and dental appointments need doing and in my never ending struggle to properly take care of myself these commitments must be honored. It does seem more than a little strange to be dreading leaving home (Vancouver) to be going away (Marin County). Particularly since i lived in Marin from 1971 until 2014 and have lived in my Yaletown apartment only since September 18, 2017. But that is what I am feeling and I am in touch with my feeling (psychological speak). Faithful readers will know that I am not traveling via Air Canada and although I quite love Alaska Air there are no direct flights and sitting about in the Seattle airport is a bore. So it is United, in steerage (as I call it) as going first class is a waste of frequent flier miles for a mere two hour flight. Vancouver is the best city to depart from – call trusty Yellow Cab and poof you are there. The facility is workable, the staff friendly and personable. I flirted outrageously with a US Customs Officer whose name was Brown although he was black.

But back briefly to days gone by. Thursday, April 5 marked a Vancouver Symphony performance series called Tea and Trumpets. It was raining, of course, but the Orpheum has a roof so the performance went on as scheduled. The conductor, William Rowson cleans up so well, did he ever look handsome! I ran into him one snowy day on Seymour Street and he told me the he loved my London furry hat, so I felt like I knew him. Christopher Gaze serves as the host and spoke of each piece – he has a wondrous English accent and I do love those English accents. (Please recall that personal trainer, Sir Richard has one). The performance was entitled The Magic ofDance and was it ever magical. Not only the music but dancers from the Goh Ballet performed dressed in the most beautiful costumes. Program notes revealed that Vancouver has been home to the Goat Ballet since 1978. But for me the star of the show was Sean Gao, a seventeen year old violinist. He emerged to perform Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons, and I gasped involuntarily and said aloud: “He has such bearing.” His performance probably surpassed his appearance. All in all a truly memorable experience but this is what happened afterwards. The audience left to join the rain and as I trooped out slowly behind them all I saw Sean with his violin strapped on his back. I excitedly stammered: “That’s the violinist! That’s the violinist.!” Nobody seemed to notice or care but I got around them and caught the poor boy at the traffic light.

Me: Are you the violinist?

He: Yes, I am!

Me: Is this your mother with you?

She: Yes I am!

Me: You must be so proud of him!! He is amazing! I said of him when he walked on stage. “He has such Bearing! That means (I said to him) that you have presence. Your performance matched that impression.

She: Hw works so hard!

Me: You can tell, he must!.Some day you are going to be great, I can tell and I can say that I talked to you in the rain when you were only 17.

He and His Mother: Thank You, Thank You.

Me: You are so welcome. Thank you for all your work and thank you for raising such a fine son.

The program notes reveal that Sean Gao began studying with his father at the age of six and has been studying with Nicholas Wright the Concertmaster of the Vancouver Symphony since 2014. So that must mean that Sean Gao lives in Vancouver, just like me. Hahahahaha. But I cannot play the violin, the harmonica or even a comb. But there is a bigger question. Why was the only one that spoke to this boy and his mother? The other people just shuffled along looking rather miserable. Now they are old, most of the afternoon concert consists of retired people – but I am old and retired. I can never know the answer to that question and I guess, in the long run, I do not care. It does, after all, just make me look better. That is not at all why I spoke to Sean and his mother (some grouchy people might say). He and his mother deserved the praise.

I spent Saturday glamorizing myself for the trip to California, so it was to Amy for the nails and then to Vicky for the blow dry. On my way out the back door of my apartment for the walk to Suki’s a man held the door for me:

He: There she is! The Legend!

Me: Thank You. It is going in the blog!

I did politely curtesy and thought to myself.

Me: Boy, it will be a relief to go to Marin and be anonymous

Alter Ego: But that is weird, you lived in Marin for years and years. You worked there and did contribute to the community in many ways.

Me: I know that. It is weird. I do not know what happened here. I am Infamous.

But I am also dumb. I did not think to take a picture of Sean Gao or his mother and I did not give them a blog card. I realized my error and rushed to take their picture. In the far distance of the picture attached to this blog of a parking lot, there is a yellow violin case, The guy carrying it is Sean Gao.

I exchanged texts with Hottie.

He: Have a great trip and a safe flight. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.

Me: That leaves me a lot of leeway. Hahahahaha.

He; Exactly

Me: Working on it! Stocked up on rye on sale at airport!

He: Perfect Start

I always tell the truth and this just happened. I am in Marin in bed (I always write in bed). My Instagram sent me a message:

She: You inspire my creativity!

I cannot believe it – for some reason I weep. It is not tears of sorrow. I am overwhelmed in such a profoundly positive way. Yikes!!!!

Soon off to be poked and prodded. If I am an inspiration to a wonderful young women it is best I be around.

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  1. Cheers to you Alexis – I just met you at Left Bank in Larkspur, CA. Thank you for your authenticity, vulnerabilty, humor and warm heart. It was a treat to share a few moments today. I wish you all the best as you continue on your journey.

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