Oh What a Beautiful Morning but Then Sexual Predators; Moving to a Positive Story About A Coat and Nordstrom’s

I woke up this morning and saw the sun rise – that is almost a miracle because this is Vancouver where it rains all of the time. So I was in a super good mood because of the sun and my coat (a story we will get to later). But then I made a dreadful mistake as I opened my emails and David Remnick of the New Yorker sent a series of stories that was entitled: Women of the Year. I opened it up and read the story of Harvey Weinstein and became sickened and depressed. What a dreadful, horrible man and all those people who knew what was going on and protected the s.o. b. I have so many questions about this dreadful phenomena. Fortunately I have more than one oracle in my life so I emailed them with this basic query, “I am writing you and asking you this question because you are smart and educated and scientific. What is it with a man like Weinstein who sexually abuses women – constantly and continually? I think it is a weird attempt to control and or conquer women which stems from a really f**ked up relationship with their mother. But that is not scientific, nor educated and I am smart – but not that smart. But here is the other part. I have been trolling in the paths of power and powerful men are forever trying to get me to go to bed with them. And I am 74. I don’t do it because they have no power over me (well one sort of did) BUT it seems widespread. Widespread in that it is not just Weinstein and his ilk – but give a man a little power and they are off trying to stick their member into some woman – any woman. There has got to be a reason for this. Gosh – do you think it is genetic?”

I will share the answer if and when I get it. It is very troublesome and makes me mad at men in general, not gay men of course. Although there are probably not nice guys in that group as well. I am briefly considering what women with power do but I do not feel like going there now.

Instead I am going to tell the tale of my coat. I bought a totally killer coat from Nordstom’s in October. It is gold, it is puffy and it keeps me warm. BUT the zipper did not work and I was more than a bit upset about this as it was REALLY expensive. I have been preforming dreaded tasks these days getting ready to sit down and do some creative work finishing the book about my uncle. I have to have peace of mind and order in order to create. So I have to deal with unpleasantries and not procrastinate. Some unpleasantries cannot be resolved but they do have to be addressed.

But for some strange reason I am doing things differently and rather than come on like a California lawyer I just laugh and be my pleasant self. AND IT IS WORKING. It worked with Virgin Airlines and it worked with Nordstrom’s and they were absolutely fantastic. I could not be happier. I walked in the door and there were two people standing by a counter. I cheerfully asked them what they were doing there. It was Travis and the concierge.

Me: I thought they only had concierges at hotels?

She: No, we have them here to help people with any problems.

Me: Well that is a great service! Perhaps you could help me with mine.

She: We would be happy to help you. What is your problem?

Me: Well I bought this expensive coat here at Nordstrom’s and the zipper does not work. It is bumming me out as it is too cold to wear it open all of the time.

She: I will call a manager to come down and help you. Please sit down and have some water.

Me: Thank you very much, my doctor says I am supposed to drink water.

Then this wonderful manager woman greets me, hears of the problem and says I should come with her to alterations and a seamstress will see what can be done. Alterations is in the Men’s Department. I give her the coat and sit and wait surrounded by good looking men. Not bad for a woman who was born in Saskatchewan. The wonderful manager woman emerges, sort of laughing, and informs me that there are two zippers actually. The zipper wasn’t broken, it was just that I did not know how to use it. We laughed and laughed. I told her how happy I was that it got all worked out and I was so proud of myself because I did not get mad, did not do California lawyer and I got the very best of all service and I met wonderful people and all was right with the world. I said in a very loud voice:

Me: I love this store!!

She: Could you write the manager and tell her of this experience?

Me: Of course, and I will put it on Instagram and blog it as well.

So she took my picture and I put it on Instagram and I went downstairs and treated myself to lunch and wine. Travis, who ordinarily does not work at the Concierge desk came by and we had the nicest chat. The topic was the joys of being positive and polite and how it really made a big difference in the world. I used Travis’ name because he gave me permission. I did not ask permission of the other people so I did not use their names. I am very moral.

Then a woman asked if she could sit at my table and I said:

Me: Of course!

She: Do you live in Vancouver?

Me: Now I do but I just moved here recently. I lived most of my life in the United States

She: I come from Europe.

Me: Where in Europe?

She: The Czech Republic.

Me: I have been there!

She and I had the greatest chat and she was such a wonderful woman. It was so restorative to me as twenty odd years ago on this day I married a man who was Czech and the marriage did not work out and I very much dislike and detest him. This makes New Year’s Eve even worse for me. But it was restorative because she was such a great person that it restored my faith in the country. Its the truth, I always tell the truth except for Uruguay Airlines. (August 26 blog).

The picture is the one I posted on Instagram with a caption that began: “I want to take this guy home with me.” The guy is a mannequin obviously but at least he would not talk back. I am alexismctwit on Instagram.

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