What a Difference a Day Makes; Dr. Alan Bernstein a Wonderful Man and Role Model; Kind Words from London

I woke on Monday morning feeling decided out of sorts. Although, in previous days I had been filled with anticipation about going to London, this completely dissipated and there was only dread and anxiety. I called Cousin Gail and she said I should get busy and take my mind off the worries. I also emailed friend Ty and he was very caring and quite brilliant

Me: I woke up this morning with feelings of dread and not looking forward to the trip at all. Very strange.

Ty: Well, I think that’s natural. A big trip.., airports, security checkpoints etc.., also the business of the Christmas season. Leaving your newly established home and heading back to a place filled with memories, some not so favorable. But you’ll be just fine. Focus on all the GOOD THINGS and the stuff which makes you happy. Journey mercies!

Me: Journey mercies. How sweet! You are so wise.

I eventually got dressed and went for a twelve noon training session with Hottie – still not feeling very cheery. Afterwards I had a facial scheduled with Jay at the Equinox.

Drawer: You can’t have a facial. It will make you look so young they won’t let you get on the airplane by yourself.

Me: OMG, that is so funny. Can I blog it?

Drawer: Of Course.

Then later Member Man agreed and spoke of unaccompanied minors needing extra assistance and the airlines providing them.

Me; I would ask for a cute guy to hug me on take offs and landings.

Member Man: I am sure they will accommodate you.

Then I put on a robe and slippers and went to the Spa at the Equinox. It was such an exquisite experience – restful, luxurious, a lot of pampering with massages to neck and shoulders. Jay is excellent, she is from Japan and we spoke a lot about her country as I have traveled there and took Ikebana for twenty years. I came out of there a changed person (almost) I was relaxed and rejuvenated and my face was so soft and glowy. Everyone said so. It was just what I needed.

But I was hungry and it was late but wonder, of all wonders. the magnificent Italian Kitchen serves their menu all day. I LOVE the place – the menu is new and I had an amazing dish newly concocted. It was Pasta Carbonara and it was the BEST I ever had my whole life. When I am very happy with the food I ask to speak to the chef so that I can tell them of my appreciation. Of course, the gracious staff accommodated me – and out he came. He was very appreciative and said that he loved it when customers commented: “It’s nice to get out of the kitchen.” I did get some insider information about the dish but I am not telling. Wild horses would not drag it out of me. I spoke to people at adjoining tables. Two young girls were speaking Russian, I was entranced and we spoke about Russia as I had traveled there and also I feels some sort of mystic connection to the country. Another young couple at another table caught my attention.

He: We know you! We know you from the Trump.

Me: Well, my glory days are over at the place now. Do you live there?

He: Yes, we live in the Residences. Nicole and Melissa are so good to us!

After dutifully paying the bill and complementing the manager on the hiring of the superb waiters I was off. It was so cold, even with my super new, warm Nordstrom’s coat I was freezing! I laid down on the bed at 1600 hours, fell asleep and did not awake until 4 with only a soup break enjoyed in the middle of the night. I was clearly exhausted but I awoke in the best of spirits. I had nearly sorted during my sleep, that is what the brain does. During the early morning hours I finished packing, getting things organized tor the trip. I listened to a fascinating pod cast from CBC Ideas. Dr. Alan Bernstein had received the Friesen award for his outstanding scientific accomplishments and achievements. He was so inspirational on so many levels. One thing he said that I enjoyed: “Do not overthink!” You cannot map out your life as there can be so many changes and variables. He spoke of the role of science and preached that it was Canada’s time to star and to take a leadership role. The US and UK have vacated the stage. They have literally shut down their doors and their minds. They have made that choice Their instability is not conducive to science. He humorously stated: “Canadians are very good at underselling themselves.” Canada, he opined, has invested highly in science and it is science that will solve the problems of terrorism, of climate change and the refuge crisis. I am so incredibly proud of being a Canadian at this time.

I write from London. This morning at breakfast I met Helen, a young woman from York who went to St. Andrews, lived in Glasgow and is not back at York. We had a delightful conversation.

She: You are a model for all. A template for growing old.

Me: But I am not old.

She: That is what I mean!.

The picture is me taken at Lift Restaurant at the Vancouver International Airport. Photographs of the Italian Kitchen and the glowing faced woman at the Equinox can be found in the Instagram of alexismctwit.

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