Waking Up in Sheer Bliss (yet again); A Chance Encounter of the Very Best Kind; A Mellowness Born of ‘What Difference Does it Make to You Alexis”; The Coho Ferry

I awoke this morning very early, but to sheer bliss in my beautiful, perfectly located apartment. I woke to flannelette sheets. I purchased them yesterday because, in the winter, I love flannelette sheets. I had grown used to million-thread-count cotton sheets in Joo Kim Tiah’s bed (well he was the Trump owner, he brought all the beds). Cousin Gail’s bed also had extremely high thread count sheets but I despite all of that glory I went back to a former comfort. The comfort of flannelette and I did the right thing, yet again.

It is a busy morning because I am off to the Equinox. No, not for personal training but for a class. Huh? Yes a class called Chiseled, I hope it does not kill me. i am going there because yesterday, also at the Equinox, I ran into someone I quite loved but had not seen in a good long while. She has been immortalized in past blog postings. She first appeared on May 22, 2017, her nickname is EHB. When reunited we were so happy to see one another, we exchanged telephone numbers, talked and decided we would meet at 7 am at the Chiseled class at the Equinox. MISTAKE, I thought when I woke up.

The good news is that it proved not to be. I kept up with all of the young ‘uns and made it all the way through (with a short loo break). What happened afterwards? Well I went to coffee with not one, not two, but three personal trainers. There was Hottie, there was John and there was Aaron. All of them HOT, they did invite me, honestly. I did not tag behind them like a dog or a child. We laughed and joked and I had a donut but those good guys did not. I made it to Instagram in two of their accounts. Not bad for a seventy-four year old who was born in Saskatchewan.

Then i went home to my gorgeous apartment and accomplished a million and one things, huge and important things. Money transfers, hotel reservations for the end of January, a limo ride from Heathrow to my hotel next week. I am filled with anticipation and my To Do list vanished before my very eyes. Emails from Namesake, and a surprise one from PPP who I had not heard from in ages. I was definitely in seventh heaven and was amazed at my good fortune.

But not only do I have good fortune, I have a plethora of uncanny occurrences from all different places and times. Jenn W., my California pal, sent me a Happy Thanksgiving email with a link she thought I would fine interesting. It informed, not only me, but the entire world that Joo Kim Tiah’s Trump Tower had won the American Property Award in seven different categories. If not for Jenn W. I would have never known this and she lives in California. Then wait until you hear this!!! I looked it up and it is going to be awarded in London, England on December 7, 2017. I had the following conversation with a cousin who lives in Saskatchewan.

Cousin: That is amazing, that is when you are going to be there!

Me: I know! And I find it out through a friend in California,

Cousin: You could go and accept it on his behalf!

Me: I don’t think that would work as apparently my emails go to his junk mail.

Cousin: Well, you could try, it just might work.

Me: No way! Besides that is the night of the magnificent Christmas Dinner at the Rex Whistler and I have already purchased my ticket with the help of Matthew. The menu is divine and there is a wine pairing that will be exquisite. The Rex Whistler has the best cellar in London.

Cousin: Really?

Me: Yes and they have had a chance to restock as I have been away since March.

Cousin: Good Alexis. You have your priorities in place.

Me; Thank you my cousin

My priories are in place and I am becoming mellow. When something angers or irritates me I just say: “What difference does it make to you Alexis?” I will provide one or two examples.

I despise and detest ripped jeans. (Please see blog of October 8, 2017.) Now I look at them and just shrug my shoulders. They have gotten stupider because when it rains and when it is cold the wearer’s legs just get wet and cold. One almost has to feel sorry for a person who voluntarily runs about with wet and cold legs. Moreover, it just makes me look better – as one man said a few months ago: “Alexis, you have such a sense of style.” I accused him of not complementing me on my clothes.

He: It is because I hardly ever see you with your clothes on!

Me: That is so funny! I did not know you had such a great sense of humor!

His compliment came at a later time. I guess when he had an opportunity to see me with my clothes on.

I also hate smoking and smokers. “What difference does it make to you Alexis?” Women smokers will just end up with wrinkles around their mouths and therefore make me look younger. I would never have a relationship with a man who smokes and therefore would not e bothered by erectile dysfunction caused by cigarette smoking. So I just shrug my shoulders and walk on.

The picture today is of an amazing coincidence. I was hanging out at the Fairmont Empress in Victoria last week. I looked out the window and there was this huge white ship in the harbor.

Me: What is that huge white thing in the harbor.

He: It is a ferry that runs between here and Pt. Angeles.

Me: What is its name?

He: The Coho

Me: Oh my goodness gracious me! That is the last name of my second husband! Honest to goodness!

I always tell the truth, and that is the truth. If I am accused of not telling the truth I get extremely angry and tell people to “Go Away Forever!” I say it in more colorful terms. I will talk about that in a later blog.

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