A Most Amazing Day; Two Fantastic Sayings: Instagram to the Rescue

This blog will start with the most fantastic thing that someone said to me yesterday. It was said at the Equinox, located on West Georgia Street in Vancouver. I was telling Drawer (a nickname obviously) about the Introduction to my Tate Britain book and the effect the last two paragraphs have on me. I cry, I am so moved. Drawer: It is amazing that you can touch your own heart with your own words. 

Me: Wow! That is so profound. Can I blog it? I will give you the nickname of Drawer 

Drawer: That is fine with me. 
Yesterday morning began with a training session with Hottie. The day was gorgeous so we were outside. Somebody said something funny and Hottie said he would text it to me but he forgot. Then afterwards (not instead) we went for coffee and I had a donut. I did sin but I will be away for over a week and I will be away from the temptation of donuts. (I hope). I suppose there are donuts in California just as there are men in Canada. The later is a joke from Colette. I said in an email” “Phew! I am here safe in Canada. I left all those men in Britain, I am alone.” 

Colette sagely said: “There are men in Canada, Alexis.” I said: “Yeah? Ever seen any?” I think this interchange was blogged but I am too lazy to look for it right now. I hate to admit this but she was right. There are men in Canada. Actually more than there were in Great Britain. One even came to Canada, knocked on the door of the Trump International Hotel but I had checked out the day before. That was a close call, but I did escape that individual. All of this is non fiction, believe it or not.  
After the donut and coffee I walked back to my apartment stopping and chatting with the food truck lady – confirming my intention to help her bring an action against the City of Vancouver in small claims court for lost profits. I will be on it upon my return from California. 
Then i took Sky Train from the Granville Station to New Westminster to meet with Lynne for the final edit of the Introduction. She is so helpful, the best editor I have ever had. Her suggestions are brilliant and I always listen to her. It is inspiring. She helps me touch my heart with my own words. We spoke of the Uncle Dave book and now I have a new inspiration for it as well. More about that later. 
By the way, I Instagramed an incident on the Sky Train, both the incident and the ridiculous signage. Lynne said that the incident was due to the fact that there is inadequate space for handicapped persons and that the prohibition against using the space (if not handicapped) is not enforced. How typical of this city. No muffler enforcement and now this! My instagram name is alexismctwit. 
Speaking of Instagram – there is a man who professes to pray to Jesus for guidance. He blocked me on Instagram. I sent him an email with the subject line: Did Jesus tell you to block me on Instagram? 

Me: Doubtful! Pray better and longer!

I definitely can sass. I am SO good at it. 
This is a short blog because I have got to get packed. I am going to California and I make this joke: 

Me: Yes the airfare was cheap as it is only one way. I am leaving on Hallowe’en so I can just fly there on my broom with my witches’ hat. 
Now that is actually a lie, but it is funny. More later. 


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