Sassing; A Personal Slave; Get A Grip; A New Zealand Hotel; Not Blaming Him and the Guys Back at the Trump

I think I was put on earth to sass. But it is a recent talent and the sass is basically limited to two men. One, not so much anymore, but he does keep me in fine form for the other one. I was asked to define sass so I have been working on a treatise of sass. There are some weird definitions. One being Scottish and in Urban Dictionary, just Google it. Another one is so funny and also on Urban Dictionary having to do with being a white woman in a cheerleading outfit saying something like Phsew. Not in my vocabulary – yet anyway. But the most accurate definition includes three ingredients: woman (check mark) wit (check mark) and something called snideness. I am not sure about snideness, so I have to look that one up. Always something, it is always something. The definition of snide is: “derogatory or mocking in an indirect way.” I am not sure about that as I can be pretty direct, but I guess I will take it. 

I had a fascinating encounter this morning at breakfast. A restaurant worker approached me here at the Hilton. 

P.S. Did you enjoy your dinner last night. 

Me: Yes, immensely thank you. 

P.S. Do you remember me? How was the service, was the waiter attentive? 

Me: (finally getting it) Yes, it was exceptional! I could not have asked for better service! 

P.S. Thank you! It is good to be of service. 

Me: So you are there for me at dinner and now for breakfast. Are you my personal slave? 

P.S. Hahaahahaha

Me: I will report this conversation on my blog and give you the nickname of P.S. It will stand for Personal Slave 

P.S. OK 

I guess I could have called him I.S. which would stand for Indentured Servitor and that would be very British. But I am in the USA. I am just going to call a slave: A Slave. So there President George Washington, who was after all a slave holder holding 317 of them at his death. President Thomas Jefferson had 200; President James Madison more than 100 and President James Monroe a mere 75. And you guys think Trump is bad? Get a grip! I said something so funny about Trump in my blog of March 8, 2017, go back and read it. I said that if Trump dressed like a woman all of his problems would be solved and gave reasons.  
Last night’s dinner, by the way, was with my friend Grace at the wonderful place wheee she lives on Smith Ranch Road. We had such a good time with one another. We met when I was in my thirties and now I am in my seventies. How time does fly! 
So I am at a Hilton Hotel in San Rafael, the former Embassy Suites. I really like it here. I like the atmosphere and the staff are really great. I was telling one woman about that Grant guy the one who made a pass at me and she said: “Who can blame him?”

Me: What do you mean? 

She: Who can blame him, you are so cute and sexy! 

Me: Thank you and I am 74. 
The first night I was here at the Hilton I met a couple at an adjoining table. I showed them my blog and the video of Joo Kim Tiah’s. It ended up that they created and built a hotel in New Zealand. So the YouTube of it is on the blog, the posting of September 1. They sold their hotel and now devote themselves into being transformative life coaches. Sandra held my arm and told me that Joo Kim Tiah and I were connected in past lives. I thought that was rather cool, he did not. Who can blame him? I thought of a funny response for him but he did not use it. They funny line was: “No thanks Alexis. One lifetime with you is more than enough!” I laugh at my own joke. 
The only problem with this hotel is that there is no concierge. CCC said he would send his resume but I replied: “There is no position here, smartie pants. “ I sent the Emperor an email telling him that the General Manager at this hotel was cuter than him. He replied: Booooooo. So I relented and said: “Well you are ALMOST as cute! Just lose some weight! I can be so cruel and sassy. 

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