The Trump/Dryburgh Family Strikes Again; The Niece’s Nexus Lunch; Missing Mel Gibson and a Session with Hottie

So Tuesday was Dryburgh Family Day; but to get me there and to make it all possible I needed my Trump family. Well not the Donald Trump family but the Vancouver Trump International Hotel family. To all those who remain in blissful ignorance Trump does not own the Vancouver Trump International Hotel and Tower, Joo Kim Tiah owns it. I keep suggesting through this blog that the hotel be renamed “Ze Alexis Chateau et Tour”, but it hasn’t happened yet. This exceptional hotel can be slow at times. Here is an example, the sign on West Georgia telling the poor folks where they register (down back) has yet to be erected although I have been made promises of its erection for weeks. Nothing is perfect, fly in the ointment and other such truisms.

But the Trump family did come through for the Niece’s Nexus lunch! The preliminary matters were taken care of by Triple C. He made an excellent restaurant suggestion and made the reservation, making sure it was an inside table. Thank you Triple C. But there were other nitty gritty matters to be taken care of. I had to be dressed for one thing. So I stumbled down to the Lower Lobby. I could not fasten my fashionable sandals purchased at a Car Boot Sale in London for a mere five pounds. I cannot place the pearl chocker around my neck. The pearl choker has not recovered from Canada Day, the red face paint stained some of the pearls. (See blog of July 2, 2017) But it is not all that noticeable. There needed to be fashion advice. Hat or no Hat? that was the question. The answer, as you can see from yesterday’s post, was HAT.

But then I had to get to the restaurant. I was transported in the Trump Mobile, a huge black thing festooned with Trump license plates. Luxury Item (obviously not her real name) was the driver. I do not know her official title but she sure can drive and do other things as well. We laughed the whole way, very jolly. So I got there fashionably early to find that three of my cousins beat me. The shame of it all. Cousin Gail had given Cousin Geri and Cousin Carol-Ann a ride. Then a little later in walked Cousin Janet with her daughter Karen, and her grand daughter Abi. These three were within walking distance of their hotel. So, phew, mission accomplished, all with the help of my Trump family. My role within the Trump International Hotel family is apparently to be the mother. It is a large responsibility as there are over three hundred employees and I am a first time mother but the kids are great. Well most of them, nothing is altogether perfect. I am not sure who the Dad is and if he has been consulted about my role but if something is not broke, don’t fix it.

Back to the Niece’s Nexus lunch. Pat, our cousin from Australia was beamed in with the help of Skype – so everyone was there except Faye and she checked in by email today.
Pat wrote in her email. “I am so glad I was able to join you even if it was only on Skype…..Janet, it was lovely to finally meet you, and of course Karen and Abi too. Enjoy your holiday!
Hopefully we will ALL get to meet for lunch together one day
Told couple of friends at work that I started my day with Brunch with my cousins…..they were a bit baffled at first so had to explain you were all in Vancouver having lunch, and I was home having breakfast…hence “Brunch” (even if my breakfast at the time was only a cuppa!).
Was wonderful having a little word with each of you…..shame though it was so noisy there so it was difficult for you to hear me, but we managed didn’t we!”

Gail wrote us all. “Just wanted to thank all of those who were able to gathered for lunch today including Karen & Abi. What a wonderful time it was – but as always it went too quickly. Sorry Faye & Pat that you were unable to join us although we did manage a Skype with Pat. Look forward to doing it again one day. Janet, Karen & Abi hope you enjoy your train trip. Until next time,”
Then came an email from Carol-Ann. “Such a treat meeting Janet, Karen and Abi. Great lunch, wonderful visit, lovely restaurant and, an amazing day. Let’s do it again, cousins!”
Faye also wrote from Regina. “Well, ladies, I really wish I had been one of the lucky ones that was able to get together with all of you for lunch. Our time spent last year was really enjoyable, and it would be nice to be able to see all of you more often. Distance dictates otherwise, unfortunately.” Faye and her husband Larry will be moving from their home on Dryburgh Crescent (named for our uncle.) She wrote: “An era is ending – no more Dryburghs on Dryburgh!” I just know that Uncle Dave would be proud of us all. He once said: “Alexis, you have brought this up family together!”

So it was Mission Accomplished. Back at the Trump International Hotel, here is a true story of what happened outside the Mott Restaurant. I saw the Emperor accompanied by three men and excitedly called out:” Emperor! Emperor!” I did not notice the three men that were with him. One of them was Mel Gibson. What is the matter with me?

But this morning it was a trip to the gym and a session with Hottie. I did very well, following directions excellently, with energy and I was not mad at anyone today. I said to one of Hottie’s colleagues: “I am his favorite!” The wonderful man said: “You are everyone’s favorite!” A picture of me taken on one of Hottie and my outdoor excursions is attached. Next gym appointment is Monday at 4 pm. All is well that ends well.


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