What Happens When Your World Falls Apart; What Do You Do; What Do You Learn

Well, it seemed like my world fell apart on the evening of July 16, 2017, and if it seems like it falls apart, it actually does. There is this saying in the birthday book supplied by Triple S. “”It takes ten times as long to put yourself together as it does to tall apart.” This was said, apparently by Suzanne Collins. Another apt phrase in that book: Oh, my friend, it’s not what they take away from you that counts, its what you do with what’s left” Now that is profound.

So what did I do when my world fell apart? The strangest of things, the most sensible of things, with a few silly ones thrown in on the side. So as to gain your respect I shall tell you the sensible ones first.
I ordered a book from Amazon, recommended by Bruce, on the treatment of post traumatic stress. Conversations with friend Jim does reveal however that the treatment is basically Grin and Bear It. Don’t look to the why of it all, soldier on.
I got out of there, there being Trump International Hotel. I went to Vancouver Public Library taking my trusty Canadian passport which enabled me to take out more books. I chose two, both biographies of Madame Pompadour. For very complicated reasons she has become my role model. I do admit that it is a little late in life to begin such an ambition but, again from the birthday book, a phrase apparently uttered by Babe Ruth: “it’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.”
I made a new friend standing in the line at the library. She is from Saudi Arabia and wears a head scarf. I told her of my conversation with a woman in Dolphin Square about the respect men show women who wear head scarves. I decided I wanted to try it. So we exchanged telephone numbers and we are planning to meet over the weekend. Do let the record reflect that I am not stupid enough to try the experiment on the third floor of the Trump International Hotel between the hours of four and seven.
I stopped and bought a hat from a woman who has a stall near the Vancouver Art Gallery. A picture of her will be included, also me and the new hat. She and I laughed about the hat that I tried on at Nordstroms. It cost $901 dollars. It and me are pictured in the May 16, 2017 posting. How ridiculous, these women and their brand labels. But is also sad because it stems from a sense of insecurity they need someone else’s name to achieve identity. Another profound thought from Alexis Janice McBride.
I bought a new dress from the hat lady.. I do not really have any clothes for hot weather. I explained to someone in an email recently that I do not do well in the heat and become very grouchy. “If I lived near the Equator I would become a mass murderer.” Come to think of it the email recipient did not respond to that email, but who could blame the man?
I said stupid things. I was eating at Jimmy’s restaurant across from the library. I went to talk to people and when I returned to my table the chair was gone. Me: Who stole my chair? Adjoining Table: We didn’t take it, the waiter gave it to us. Me: That’s what they said in Nazi Germany.
I assigned a new nickname to AJ. . There is now a Prince Andrew of Trump, He was rather put out because he is not a son (I have three ‘adopted’ sons and three are enough). So I made this mixologist a prince. He was happy.
I have an extremely busy day so I am going to sign off. I go to the gym to see Hottie and then I have Cousin’s lunch at noon. I am planning on wearing my new hat I think with my fantastic sun glasses.
But another truth from a stranger: “Whoever said business before pleasure was not getting laid enough.”



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