July 11 is the Day; Honoring Uncle Dave All Day Through Consumption of Scotch and Steak; Don’t Be Sad, Don’t Be Mad; Learn Grace 

 I awoke early in the day on July 11, 2017, got the blog off to Chris in London accompanied by the photograph and then called cousin Gail to confirm my fears. It was more intuitive than factual, a strange inclination that today is the anniversary of Dave Dryburgh’s death – some 69 years ago. It was death by drowning. Gail quickly and efficiently confirmed. It sort of took my breath away but then the Dryburgh humor prevailed.
Me: Ok! I won’t be going near the jacuzzi or the pool on the third floor of the Trump International Hotel. I will stay away from English Bay, Coal Harbor and the Pacific Ocean. 

Gail: And thank goodness there is no bath tub in your room. 

Me: You slay me Gail, you slay me. 
We then spoke of our cousin’s lunch which will take place once week from today, You will hear a great deal more about that momentous occasion. There will be seven of us. Who made the reservation? My man, that Triple C. He recommended the restaurant and I am sure that it will be lovely. 
But my day went on – somewhat accidentally becoming a celebration of the existence of Dave Dryburgh, not long on this earth, not even forty years. But he left behind a legacy and a niece to tell the tale of his remarkable achievements.


The grand event of the day was lunch. There were three of us, the Emperor, M.W.N (Man Without a Nickname) and Me. The Emperor and M.W.N. help manage Joo Kim Tiah’s Vast Empire. I have no role in this Empire but do live off the fruits of its labor. I do pay my way, relying on my retirement income, but I do get a lot of benefits not usually and generally provided to the common folk. I do not know what I did to deserve these benefits but even if I did know I doubt that I would be spreading the word. I do rather enjoy being ‘teacher’s pet” So somehow I got to have lunch with these two men. The Emperor is known for his tardiness. He was about four minutes late which for him is on time or even early. I do laugh. Lunch was at Hawkswoth’s, we were driven there in the Trump chariot. When the menu arrived and was perused, I decided to eat what Uncle Dave would have eaten – therefore I had the steak. It was yum. But as an appetizer I had the gnocchi. The best gnocchi of my entire life. Soft, light and pillowy. They had desert, I did not. Afterwards M.W.N. went his way and the Emperor and I strode back. This was slightly problematic as I had uncomfortable shoes but I made it. Deciding what to wear was a major production but I decided that I would use the Emperor’s New Clothes as my model and wear a dress I had not worn before, it was navy blue. But Triple C. was quick to point out that in the Hans Christian Anderson story the Emperor was actually nude. Now that may work at a SunDrais party here at the Trump International Hotel but not out for lunch, for goodness sake. 

By the way, I was made to promise to come to a SunDrais party. It was pointed out to me that the criticism might be unfair as I had not actually attended the event. So I will buy a new bathing suit and go.
Back at the hotel I had made a date to drink Scotch, in honor of Uncle Dave. A.J. was my mixologist and I sipped some fine stuff. I usually do not drink the stuff but the things we do for love! I will attach a picture of the brew. I do not think I am going to continue this Scotch drinking hobby, for one thing it is too expensive. But on Uncle Dave’s birthday for example I will indulge.

So lots of Scotch and conversation, it was so handy that A.J. is actually Scottish. Somehow in the midst of the day it was conveyed to me that I had best learn grace. It is something I lack. I will study up on it and let everyone know. We could all be in the same learning curve.
I can’t stand to see you sad A.J. said to me. Another poor man cannot stand to see me mad, particularly when the venom is directed at him. One cannot blame him. I said to A.J.”That is so unfair, no one can stand to see me sad! When can I be sad?” The man that cannot stand to see me mad is just going to stay away from me I think. I can try to learn grace and I am a fast learner but he probably does not want to take the chance. One cannot blame him. 

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