Uncle Dave Wrote Every Day As Well; Some Highlights Not Mentioned Before; Sushi Rice and Cupcakes

This thought suddenly struck me. As many of you know I blog every day, or almost every day. In doing so I am unconsciously mimicking the writing habits of Uncle Dave because he wrote a column every day. At the end of his career the column was called: Dave Dryburgh. I have been able to access his work through the Internet (although I have some precious yellowed copies of the real thing which I treasure). But here is the utterly eerie thing. How cab one access my daily writings? through the Internet. How can one access my uncle’s daily writings. Through the Internet. This seems utterly eerie to me. 
So in the struggle to remain positive (Thanks Bruce) I have formulated a list of occurrences that were really quite fantastic and have not been mentioned before. 
)) Wahlgren’s, San Rafael, California. USA .I am standing in the pharmacy line and Anna says: (perfectly voluntarily): You are so cool. I LOVE the way you dress. Those shoes and that coat. The coat was mentioned in my February 17, 2017 blog.  
2) Coquitlam, B.C. Canada This took place at Narita’ Sushi Japanese Restaurant, my new regular restaurant. (sorry Matthew) I returned tor lunch after being in California for two weeks and the waitress greeted me with such exuberance: “You’re back!” “You remember me!” “How could anyone forget you?” Then we hugged.  
3) North Delta, B.C. Canada Cousin Geri and I laugh at her comment made on March 17, 2017 (see blog) When I told her I would eventually be living in Vancouver she said: “I can’t stand it (pause,pause,pause,pause) The Excitement. 
4) North Delta, B.C. Canada Easter dinner at Geri and Don’s and having turkey. I love turkey best of all, I guess that is why I kept marrying them (hahaha). Ian (son-in-law, with only one I in Ian) is best carver of turkey I have ever seen. 
5) Coquitlam, B.C. Canada Getting an email from a certified non emailer in which the sender says that he misses our gaffing around and I look it up because I do not know what it means and it is a PERFECT word. It means: “a socially improper or unsuitable act or remark.” Boy did we gaff, actually we did not get improper enough for my tastes but it was probably better that we did not get really improper, it may have not suited us. 
6) Pt. Reyes Station, California. USA When staying at the house I used to own, Trinka, the woman to whom I sold the house reminded me that she calls her Bed and Breakfast (which is located on the property) Morning Glory because I told her before the purchase that “the mornings here are glorious”.  
7) Corte Madera, California USA Over coffee with friend Jim who has known me for almost fifty years. “ Alexis, you are driven!” “Really? I never thought of that before. Are you sure?” “Yes, I am!” It occurs to me for the first time that i am. I guess he is right because he is, after all, a psychiatrist. I wonder why he didn’t tell me that before, not that it would have made much difference. 
I shall speak more abut the food at Narita’s and it will be accompanied by a picture of what I speak. I had the best Sunomono, it was better than any sunomono I have ever tasted. It was Tako sunomono – tako is Japanese for octopus. My computer told me that was brought to Japan from China during the Nara period (710-794). I told the sushi chef that I LOVED their sushi and that I know about sushi because I took a sushi making class at one time and I even learned how to make sushi rice with the vinegar and the paddles and everything. He/They were very impressed. This is, I suppose, proof yet again of the fact that I am driven 

The other photograph is the cupcakes from yesterday’s Easter dinner, obviously taken before we ate them. 

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