The Cone is Gone; My Identity Recovered; a Rooster; Oysters ;and Possibly A New Strategy

I am sure many of you are sitting at the edge of your seats wondering what happened with the traffic cone. WELL,..I got in the Mercedes, backed up, turned the wheel and poof, it fell off onto the driveway. Slightly worse for wear. It was restored to its place of glory, . So that story does have a happy ending. 

Then I spent the day recovering my identity. I have achieved a temporary driving license, and a debit card and that is going to have to do for now. The woman at the credit card company was a little inflexible, and to be frank, stupid, so I do not have a replacement credit card in hand. Those are the breaks I guess. The wonderful man at the Las Gallinas Chase bank in contrast was flexible, brilliant, helpful and funny. He was a total delight. So I have cash which seems very old fashioned. I will function with cash until the return to Coquitlam where I will mate with my replacement credit card. 
The sheer delight of the day? Oysters, to be specific Hog Island Oysters. Yum. A wonderful meal with Trinka and her daughter Claudia. Cassidy, the waiter, was so cute and helpful. 
I awoke in my former home to the sound of a rooster crowing. But it was a strange crow, rather like an anguished hello. But at this moment no more crowing and now the only sound is just a bird or two. It does seem billions of miles from Dolphin Square in so many ways. But a two word email from Matthew of Rex Whistler fame and a sympathetic email from cousin Gail who read on the blog about my wallet loss. It is very strange to have a blog and have all kinds of people know everything about you, particularly when you are doing silly, stupid things like losing your wallet and running over traffic cones. I guess I could keep a few secrets, New strategy, 

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