Life is Strange; A Lesson Learned in Traffic, A Wider Gap but Postponed; I am in Perfect Health and Look and Seem Happier in Years says an Expert Who Know Me 

Life is very strange when you leave a place (London) where you were quite happy and cared for people and then you come back (home?) to find that you care for people but not everyone and sometimes new people drift into your life. Then there is the burden of communicating with people back in the UK. Some idiot keeps sending me those stupid symbol things. I got even – I sent some back. Betcha there will be some confusion. I knew what I was saying but was it passed on? Doubtful.


 So I was efficiently posted yesterday with a couple of spelling errors. I guess I can live with it. My reliable computer guru Chris sent the cutest message with news of the posting:” I would have enjoyed being your chauffeur.” I wrote back that there may still be hope for him. 
 I am driving the Mercedes to the dentist. A person in a monster SUV honks at me -expecting me to move faster, I guess. I consider giving the royal finger but sensibly remember that I am in the USA with its road rage and contain the impulse. The monster SUV honker is most impatient, continuing to tail gate and flash his/her lights. I am seized with the second rational moment, adroitly pull over and let the SUV honker pass. I pull back in traffic and watch the progress of the SUV. He is only two cars ahead and gets stuck behind a truck with a formidable trailer hitch. The truck driver is oblivious and the SUV does not dare to follow too close or his/er new spanking car may be crushed if the truck driver slams on his brakes. So justice has been achieved. Someone else is containing this evil. All I had to do is pull over. This is a lesson I have to keep learning again and again. Not to fight each and every battle but pull over and let justice take its course. Here is the fascinating part of the story. Where was this SUV going? It pulled off at Guide Dogs to the Blind, a charitable organization that provides guide dogs to the blind after thoroughly training the animals from puppyhood. You make some sense out of that – I cannot. .
 The dentist moved his office, so I arrived saying: “Make this hard for me, why not! “ Dr. K.’a son Grey has joined him in the practice after first taking the care and trouble to go to dental school. Grey is very cute and it is love at first sight. I say: “You are so handsome but you look nothing like your Dad!” He says he does, but without the glasses. Grey and I get in a huge conversation about gaps and I learn that gap toothed women are IN. So I have made plans for my gap enlargement but it may have to be done later. It is one of those numerous moments that I am so glad there is no man in my life. I would have to say: “Honey, should I?” There would be a huge debate and it is my mouth after all. My steel plated uppers developed a crack. Dr. K. sagely said that I was hard on teeth and men. “Marriages R Us”, he quipped. I have no idea how he knows this but he seems to. I was extremely impressed with the level of dental care – the advice, the cleaning, the concern. Definitely a contrast from the UK but that country is not exactly known for their teeth.
 Then it was off to the follow up visit with the doctor. All the test results are back showing I am in amazingly good health. You name it – it works. If I keep out of the path of motorcycles/motorbikes I am going to live forever. My financial planner, learning of my death benefit decided that marriage to me would be his retirement plan. But it is tricky as he is only 33 and so I would have to live until 97. But it might just be possible. If you are a new reader you may not know this, but I always tell the truth. All of this is the truth, the SUV, the dentist, the financial planner and the doctor. My wonderful doctor said that I have never looked happier, that I look younger, not older. We discussed that going to London was the best possible thing I could have done for myself. But as you know from reading this blog it was so hard and I had such a difficult time with its institutions, the horrible school, the inhumane legal system. I return appreciating the medical care, the dental care, the legal system in this country. Mine is an informed opinion. 

 Yesterday morning at breakfast I spoke with Julie, another guest at the Panama. She was a student in London as well and we spoke of the wonderful people we encountered in that unworkable city. It was rather eerie all the synchronicity – she was a lawyer, she has no children, we have similar views on women and motherhood and she was a student in London. “This has to be for a purpose.” she said. I am not sure, but we shall see. 

 Here is the photograph taken from my Panama Hotel window. The neon HOTEL sign did not turn out. i am not sure why but that can happen with neon. 

 Many more things to talk about including another chance encounter at the Panama, a funny story about vegetables and a fascinating study provided by my doctor. But i must go live my life, not blog it. A delicate balance that – but more later.    

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