Gimme My Gap Back; An Update Is In Order; And A Giving Up Perhaps

Mind the Gap is sort of my signature story and was written perhaps eight years ago. It has been shared with friends, family, new acquaintances and now you. But, there is a sequel to the story, never before told, and here it comes. It is appropriately titled:



            It is impossible to pinpoint the exact moment (let’s be quite real- even the year is vague) that I started liking the gap toothed look. Perhaps I was influenced by the research and appreciated that Chaucer was fond of the gap, or I read a story on Lauren Hutton. Perhaps, writing about the pain excised it. Writing does that for all manner of pain. At some point, I brazenly started to talk to gap-toothed people about their gap and they, man or a woman, always said that they were comfortable with and rather adored their gap.

I am a woman of action, and so in the months before the September 2014 foray to London, I marched into the dental offices of Dr. K. and said, “Gimme back my gap!” He rose to the occasion. He did not have me 5150-ed (California term) or sectioned (UK term). He just said, “How wide?” So I have got it. Admittedly a bit pithy, but it is there and can be expanded at any time. I have attached a selfie showing it in its present condition. Now, this is the amazing news. I have an appointment with this man, my hero, on April 6, 2017 and at the appointment we shall speak of many things- including gap enlargement. He and his entire office read Mind the Gap before I left for London and loved it. I talked for a long time to Lucy the receptionist when I made the appointment yesterday. She said, “I can’t wait to meet you!” I responded, “I won’t disappoint.”

My gap selfie.


The posting of February 28, 2017 contains an update of prior postings. To quote myself: “I am apparently really popular, well the blog is anyway and I am the blog. Travelling on the train between Kirkcaldy and London, a light bulb is switched on. An update is in order. The blog is a month old, or a month and a day old. I lost track of which day it is. SO, back to Day One and the update. Brilliant.” But, at that time on February 28, 2017 I only got to Day Five, so I thought at this juncture it would be a charming idea to start on Day Six and bring everyone up to date. Well, actually more up to date. There is actually a method to my madness because new visitors will be forced to read the old stuff. Well, not forced, as I am not exactly water boarding anyone. I would if I could, but I can’t for many reasons – geography being just one of them. For purposes of clarity I will do dates and titles instead of the stupid way I did the post on February 28, 2017. I can learn by my mistakes so that is why I am going to keep making them, or some such profound saying.


February 1, 2017- Envy

In this post I brag about my private medical care coverage, but I was a little too cocky as I have yet to get reimbursement. But I am on it, as I am presently in North America and I was a California lawyer and unfortunately the lawyer in you does not disappear upon retirement, no matter how hard you might try. The best line in the piece was the proffered explanation of my London popularity:  “It is because there is a shortage of sexy 73 year old women in London.”

Everyone I ever told that to agreed upon the shortage.


February 2, 2017- Dr. Woolfson’s Wisdom

A lot of words of wisdom. I remain and become even more Itinerant (his word). Despite the posh private medical care, I am presently rejoicing as I will be back to California and visiting with an extremely wise doctor who has followed me for over forty years. I cannot wait to see him and I know the feeling will be reciprocated.


February 2, 2017- Car Boot Sale

Why in the world I posted twice in one day is beyond me. That is commonly known as overkill. I did love Car Boot Sale to the very end. Nothing ever did come of my relationship with Funny Man but, as I said to my friend Bruce on March 21, 2017 in an email: “The hassles I experienced in the UK were both inherent and created on my part. Thank God I escaped, whole, intact and alone. Such stories I have to tell when we finally see one another!” I do include a picture of the man I almost purchased for five pounds and 10 cigarettes bargained down from forty pounds.

This guy said he would marry me if I gave him forty pounds but I bargained him down to 5 pounds and ten cigarettes. The deal fell through . Oh well, easy come, easy go.


February 3, 2017- Friendship and Blogging 

This is touching and funny to read because very soon I get to visit with the friends I quote in the blog. It will be wonderful.


February 4, 2017

Reading this over makes me really happy to be here in Vancouver. I have not been nearly run over, not been sworn at, nor seen hundreds of smokers, nor seen people throwing away butts in the street- and it has been a week. I did not go to the Hockney exhibit at the Tate Britain as promised. In the words of the Bard, “All is well that ends well.”


But goodness gracious, hassles continue. Some internal but I will prevail, or else, give up. Why do I need this blog? This thing that has taken over my life. I think I need some time for reflection. More later. Or, perhaps never. See what happens. I at this moment have no idea.


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