Fortuity, and The Feeling of Relief Felt Upon the Realization that London is Probably Not the Only Source of All Things Wise and Wonderful 

Fortuity is the word of the day, however, if you are a clever blog reader you will note that in the last posting paragraph the word fortuity appeared. Fortuity is defined as a chance occurrence. But it is something greater than that. This is an instance when synonyms come in handy: blessing, fluke, happenstance, kismet, luck. There, that captures more of it. 
 It is fortuity that brought me here, not only to Guildford but to Portland Terrace. The setting is ideal, so close to High Street and it is spotlessly clean and restful. The open style breakfast makes for easy relaxed dining, not the forced familiarity breakfasts of most B&Bs. June, the proprietor is a truly wonderful woman and, although we are of totally dissimilar backgrounds, we have so much in common. We chat up the men in our lives and she provides me with an insight about a recent man in my life. He has characteristics similar to autism. Yes, it explains so much. June is decidedly chic and we chat up clothes. It is true but difficult to explain: here in Guildford I have a vast quantity of funny British greetings cards but no clothes. Well some of course, but hardly any. I do laugh. 

 But the fortuity goes on. I was frightened of leaving London thinking it was the source of all things wise and wonderful, that many of the blessings that have descended upon me came because of my presence in that city. But now only two days out of it I can see that it is not true. There are fine, good and inspirational people everywhere probably, even in Guildford. (haha)

 Here is an example. I hobbled downstairs and met Shirley West. She was visiting June because June was making her beautiful by giving her a great do. Shirley West is the recipient of the British Empire Medal. (which is a really big deal you will USA folks) She met the Queen, twice. She is the chairman of the Guildford and Godaling British Art Foundation and this branch has raised twelve million pounds over a thirty three year period. She is known as the Heart Lady. The Queen sounds utterly charming, when she met Shirley she complemented her on her hair. June is Shirley’s hairdresser, then both the Queen and Shirley agreed that they could not live without their hairdressers. Is that not darling? How could I ever have this insight into the Queen without fortuity. June and Shirley are pictured, June is on the left and Shirley is on the right. 

 Then it was off to my favorite place, the Harbor Hotel for a late lunch. The people I met, the fun I had!! I will include some of the comments. The two most helpful people met were Breece and Mika. Do not you love Breece’s name? It is so unique, her sister’s name is Rachael so Breece got all of the originality. Mika is a wonderful name as well. They had so many helpful suggestions about my blog including a brilliant idea about using videos. We even made one but the one on my phone cut out and although they sent the real one it somehow is not in my mailbox. When I finish the blog I will look into this. We did chat about men and came to this conclusion: “No matter what age, they are always the same.” This is not good news. I have recent experience with old guys, they with younger blokes. 

 Harbor Hotel has afternoon tea on Saturdays and there were women all over in groups, many with balloons hovering over the tables. The Happy 40 balloon table had sixteen women. I asked who the birthday girl was and then wished her Happy Birthday. She said, there was a mistake on the balloon and she was actually twenty-one. I told her that I didn’t think she looked forty. I cannot remember what I looked like at forty but I am sure I was real hot. The staff told me that there were eighty women altogether. 

 But some of my funniest conversations were with the staff. “Small glass of white wine or large?” “Large, of course” “Or do you want a bottle with a straw?” “Just the bottle, not the straw. I can just drink out of the bottle.” I did not, of course. 

 Then someone asked me how long I would be in Guildford. “Tuesday, then I go to Richmond and my friends are going to give a ride to Heathrow.” “Why did you not ask them to give you a ride to Canada?” “Because they are not such good drivers and they only have a mini.” 

 I ordered Sticky Hot Wings. “They will stick to you Alexis.” “I do not think so. I had three husbands and they did not stick to me.” Actually it was the other way around, I did not stick to them. 

 Toby C. accused me of stealing his bar stool. “Why would I do that? “You stole my bar stool because it is more comfortable. It is more comfortable because my warm bottom had softened the leather.” “Thanks Toby.” 

 Then I met Brian and Rachael from Brighton. They were visiting for the weekend. Brian works in Waste Management and we had quite a long discussion about recycling and general waste. I do know about such things as I was the Garbage Queen when I worked for Marin County Counsel’s Office. It was a somewhat enlightening conversation. 

 But some random thoughts. There were a number of women with high heel shoes. I decided that high heels and high intelligence were inversely proportional. My cell phone petered out and I was offered a charger at my table. Impressive. At Dolphin Square there were never any chargers anywhere, not at the Help Desk, not at the hotel reception, nowhere. Why not? Mismanagement. I do not let things go, a rather irritating trait.

 Off to buy some clothes.  

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