All Of This Dolphin Square Fiasco Defies Logic and Business Sense and What Good Does It Do To Have 320 Hits A Day When You Have No One To Help You Move. Further, It is Not Just Dolphin Square But London As A Whole is Governed By Greed. Then A Strange Twist. 

I write this from Dolphin House, which is the hotel associated with Dolphin Square. Why am I here when I am supposed to be in Guildford ? Sheer desperation borne of the fact that I may have 320s hit a day on this blog but I have no one to help me move. Well, that is a slight exaggeration as wonderful Greg and David came to pick up some stuff they are storing for me but they came to pick it up in their new car, which is a mini. Yes, a mini. Cruel joke that.
I did not react well to all of this. This is what I said to a new dear friend in an email: “Yesterday was sheer hell as basically I had no one to help me and I was forced to soldier on facing the horrors and impossibilities of London. I was ‘kindly’ given until midnight to turn in my keys but it was impossible forcing me to actually stay in the hotel at Dolphin Square because I was unable to clear out in time to catch the train to Guildford. I was and am utterly exhausted and not feeling at this moment at all confident and bold. I cannot stand the feeling of helplessness but there must be something in between that state and the one I occupy.” She is forgiven for not helping me move. She lives in Canada. You know, that country to which I am returning, if i can ever get myself out of the greed of London. 
The situation here at Dolphin Square does defy logic and business sense. The Lettings Manager was extremely helpful and gracious, giving me until midnight to turn in my key and get out of here. But things went awry. It was a massive task complicated in many ways by greed but more about that later. 
So this morning I sent the Lettings Manager the following email. “Thank you so much for your graciousness but things got utterly screwed up. Security turned up at my door at 8 telling me I had to be out then. I said no midnight – they said maybe but turn the key into the Help Desk by then. I did – but Help Desk knew nothing of it. I stayed in Dolphin House because there was no way i could complete all of the work in a time to catch the train to Guildford. So I talked to the wonderful hotel manager Giuseppe and he got me a room Keyes 011, which of course I paid for.  701 Drake is a mess, I did what I could. I understand and appreciate your flexibility in light of the contractor’s arrival this morning. But this situation defies logic. The contractors need to get to work so that turn around time is lessened and the place can be let quickly. But there are tens, if not hundreds of empty apartments and 701 is now empty because Dolphin Square evoked the eight month break away clause. I paid my rent, that was not the situation. So it does not make any business sense and it is illogical. I do not know what to do at this point. Alexis” 
But here is the strange twist and almost equals the irony of the new car which is a mini. I went into my purse to find something and there was the key to the flat. I must have turned in another key to the Help Desk last night. I laugh, this is true, It also defies logic. So I will write another email to the Lettings Manager and offer to turn in the real key. In the meantime I am going for my ‘complimentary’ breakfast and probably to water aerobics as the gym is included in the hotel but not for residents. Residents at Dolphin Square have to pay for gym membership at prime rate, they do not even get a discount, I am no longer a resident and gym member but I get to go because I paid for a hotel room last night. This is all ridiculous and the truth unfortunately. 
Irony continues/ I forgot to mention that two guys from Security turned up at my door at 8. Two – need I remind you that I am short, plumpish, and 73. What were they expecting? Perhaps California lawyer but I was quite well behaved because I was utterly exhausted. Goodness knows where I will be tomorrow. Perhaps jail. I hope they have internet there. 

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