An Update Of Previous Postings And An Incident At King’s Cross Railroad Station

 I am apparently really popular, well the blog is anyway and I am the blog. So traveling on the train between Kirkcaldy and London a light bulb is switched on. An update is in order. The blog is a month old, or a month and a day old. I lost track of which day it is. SO, back to Day One and the update. Brilliant. 

Day 1 I am at the Watt’s Gallery. I have been back there once with David and Greg and will go back and stay in Guildford for a few days after the mismanagement at Dolphin Square evicts me and before I fly to Canada, in first class Seat 1-A

Day Two A lot of complaints about bicyclists, nothing has changed there but maybe they are a little worse. I have not struck one recently. I had best get at it as I only have about eight days left in London.  

Day Three It is called WEE and is about the lady’s loo at the Almeida Theatre. I send a copy to the Almeida, they did not respond. The theatre is in real trouble with me for this and other reasons. It is fatal for them. 

Day Four Spoke of Lia Williams and Mary Queen of Scots. Lia texted me, It was like getting a text from Elvis Presley. 

Day 5 (or so) I Am Leaving. My most angry, negative blog to date. . I am so unbelievably infuriated with the mismanagement and lack of humanity at Dolphin Square . I was reminded today that I once loved it, that Dolphin Square. I think of that saying. It is better to have loved and lost then never have loved at all. This could be a wonderful place to live but I has been ruined by the current management. Current management does not seem to know of this blog and the vituperative emotions contained herein. But many of the rank and file staff follow the blog. I think that they do not tell the higher ups because they love that I am, in my own way, getting even with them. It probably does their hearts proud. I tell staff members that they should quit, that competence will be rewarded with termination. Upper management at Dolphin Square is threatened and actually fears competence

 I shall continue this update at a later date. I began this post on the train back to London. I arrived at King’s Cross at 14:51 and with my trusty ticket in hand tried to exit. Although the ticket was valid (this was later proven to be true) the machine did not accept it. I became very angry, actually with the machine, But a misogynist intervened and we got into an incredible power struggle. I can bear misogynists. i said: “Let me out of here or I will hit you with my suitcase.” He said:”Hit me then.” I did. Was he surprised! He immediately called Security, who then called the police. There were about six or eight men and me. Need I remind you that I am five feet two inches tall, a little plump and seventy three years old. I was incredibly angry, to say the very least. Finally they called in a woman officer who strove to contain me. She said that I had to apologize to that guy or they would take me to jail. Honest to goodness she did. I said: “I will never apologize to him, take me to jail.” But then my rational mind kicked in. I said: “Please go over there and ask him what he would consider an apology,” So she did, she came back and said that he would be happy if I said that I was sorry that I hit him with my suitcase and Have A Nice Day. I took a deep breath, said I would do it but I could not look him in the eye. She said: “Fine.” So I went over to the minsogynst who had only two police officers at his command and I said “I am sorry I hit you with my suitcase. Have a Nice Day.” He acknowledge this, and I think, me. The woman officer let me out. I said to her: I am only telling you this but some man was supposed to meet the train. If he were here, none of this would have happened.” I shrugged my shoulders and said: “Men!” She nodded. 

 But the above story illustrates one reason why I am glad, nay ecstatic, to be returning to Canada. My brilliant friend Bruce says that misogyny exists in this country because of traditional roles. In Canada and in the United States there is something called social fluidity and women are treated with the respect they deserve. Not here. I have the smartest friends. Bruce is a retired professor and has been my friend since I was 19. 

 I guess I will take a picture of my suitcase and call it the weapon of mass destruction. Why? It is because it is funny as is yours truly. I can certainly fly off the handle on occasion but then my sense of humor returns. It is, after all, a Dryburgh trait. .  


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