Mixed Messages In Attire; Move From San Francisco Brings Discussion of Religion; Good News from my Primary Care Physician; Beginning of An Answer to Friend of Old Concerning My Adoption of the Islamic Faith; Photograph of Alexis in Head Scarf, Mask and Christmas Sweater

Monday was Primary Care Physician Day. I walked down the Boulevard clad in a headscarf, a face mask and a Christmas sweater, so indeed it was a mixed message. Personal at PCP’s office laughed in delight and, of course, a photograph was taken by the nurse, which shall be featured on the blog. It was a glorious appointment, filled with good news. Thorough screening blood tests were taken and revealed normal functioning of organs, liver kidneys etc etc. Blood pressure within very acceptable levels, EKG monitored a heart beating heartily. There is a need to take more vitamin D, definitely doable. Now, admittedly I have had TIAs (two or three0 but they are being treated by a famous neurologist who added baby aspiring to my regime, professing that this should solve the problem. My haemorrhoids are under the care of a gastroenterologist who wrapped and elastic around one that is destined to strange it – another two will meet their fate in the upcoming months. To say the least, I am happy, happy, happy and most grateful. My excellent health is the product of many facets, no bad habits such as smoking, a vigorous monitoring of health issues but one primary factor is heredity. My parents, although abusing me, gifted me with healthy genes – no heart disease, no history of cancer, no diabetes etc. etc. So as I say about other issues if I had choice between having a happy and blessed childhood and poor health versus an abusive childhood and excellent health – I would pick the abusive childhood – thank you very much. Such a ‘choice’ leads to a reduction of bitterness and anger.

This has been a rather frantic week – all of my possessions from the San Francisco apartment were moved to Marin by Steve the Mover and his efficient crew. Steve and Alexis had an engaging intellectual discussion about religion. He is a devout Christian and I, a newly acquired Muslim. We discussed the similarities and differences between the two faiths – it was enlightening and most engaging. So I am back in Marin surrounded by all of my possessions for the first time in six and a half years. At the moment it is a bit uncomfortable as a new round of boxes arrived but this will soon be unpacked and a normal life will be resumed. Steve the mover commented:
He: Well, this will begin a new chapter in your life.
Me: How insightful of you. Yes indeed, not sure what direction it will take. I am not going back to life as usual in Marin, that is for sure.
I gifted him with my book on the Tate Britain with this inscription. To Steve, a Wonderful Man, I think I will move once a month just so I can see you again and again (Just Joking). Affectionately, Alexis the Author.

Last week I was in communication with an old friend after an absence of some time. Upon telling him of my conversion to the faith, he emailed.
He: Why??? What led to this?
Me: I will answer you/ It is a rather long story and actually on my blog but as it was a gradual process, spanning months – a summary might be in order.
So I did summarize the process, placing my response to him on the blog. But that was not enough for him, he asked another question. Just to be sure of the nature of the question, I volunteered to place it in my language and send to meet with his approval.
Me: So this I think is your question. I see what people have led you to the Islamic faith but what was your spiritual path – your theological journey? Did I get that right????
He: Yes that does summarize it the question well.
Me: Getting stuff out of storage, where it has languished for six and a half years as been a real experience. There is not just a blog post of material , there is an entire book, It is raining here – All Praise to Allah! I guess you know this about me – when I get into something I really get into something, embrace it thoroughly But at some point leave it – this by the way this practice has included husbands Hahahaha Extremely unlikely that I shall abandon the Islamic faith – why would one with all that is promises (and delivers. Hahaha Alexis

First you have to realize and recognize what a strong role that people play in accepting and embracing the Islamic faith. I am not atypical – meeting and getting to know Personal Driver, the Pakistani, Muslim taxi cab driver was my first introduction to the promises of the faith. I learned of his exemplary life, experiencing peace and happiness, faithful to the faith, faithful to his family of one wife (of 29 years) and three children. The three of them excellently raised, all with manners and respect for those who deserved it. His sons are educated, his daughter with plans of becoming a doctor. Education of women is important in the faith, important and encouraged, contrary to the ignorance opinions of Western society – well Western society media that spews forth lies, particularly since 9/11. The role of woman in the faith became the first focus of my learning – this was largely through the Internet which can be an extremely reliable source of information about the faith – one of course MUST be knowledgable about the source. For example, Wikipedia is not very reliable but there are Islamic studies websites and YouTube interviews of Islamic scholars, some professors in prestigious universities. I listened to (an endless) spoken interpretation about Mohammed the prophet which detailed his life and the prophets which proceeded him. Mohammed is, the last prophet, adherence to that principle is one ot the basic tenants of the faith. It was a difficult listen, of about three hours, as there were so many Arabic names which were incomprehensible and I learn by reading, not by listening (I think you know this)..

More later – a handyman is coming to hang pictures, lay down rugs and help unpack some boxes. Soon this all will be over and I can get back to being Alexis the Blogger. Hahaha

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