Some Good, Even Great News Concerning Elizabeth Warren; The Lineage of the Royal Family of Dubai: The Uselessness of Flu Czar Pense; A Photograph of Me in Bed

The New Yorker brought encouraging news concerning Eliizabeth Warren, extremely good news. The article written by Benjamin Wallace-Wells presented a far different approach than the one taken in the Atlantic, extensively covered in the blog of yesterday. The emphasis in this tome was the positive influence Warren made, shaping the election taking on and turning important issues such as disability rights reform, education and medical care/ Her emphasis on this issues goaded other candidates to make these important issues planks in their campaigns. The article ends with this paragraph: :

“On Thursday, Stacey Abrams tweeted that Warren “gives form to brainy, compassionate, determined, indefatigable leadership.” The sentiment was significant because of its author—Abrams, who is widely seen as a possible Vice-Presidential candidate in this election, is an obvious heir to the Warren ethos—but also because of the striking phrase “gives form.” The last phase of Warren’s campaign, from the New Hampshire primary to this past week, made less sense as a quest for votes than an expression of character. Its central act, the evisceration of Michael Bloomberg on the debate stage in Nevada and the destruction of his hopes for the nomination, was a demonstration of the power of attention to detail, moral clarity, and pugnacity against wealth and entitlement. The fight helped shore up the Party’s right flank; it also all but guaranteed that there will be more Democratic candidates like Warren to come. Elizabeth Warren will not be President next January, but in this campaign she has managed to do something decidedly Presidential: she has defined a particular way of being American”

The New Yorker also featured another article written by John Cassidy who says of the impact she wrought :”She didn’t create the resurgence in progressive thinking that we’ve witnessed in recent years. It was a response to underlying developments in the economy—particularly a sharp rise in inequality, a mammoth financial crisis, and even climate change, which is ultimately a market failure, because market transactions fail to account for the social cost of burning carbon. But, in terms of national politics, Warren has arguably been the key synthesizer and champion of a new progressivism. In fact, she has issued so many policy plans—her campaign Web site lists at least sixty-five of them—that it can be challenging to place her on the liberal-progressive spectrum”

This does make me happy as Warren clearly did make a difference. She will not be president but she did shape a new debate, badly needed in this country.

There was other good news which is rather difficult to explain. I was shocked,saddened and scared to learn of the Ruler of Dubai’s ‘sins’ – the findings made by the High Court of that he had planned the abduction and kidnapping of two of his children and had intimidated his sixth wife. I was in an agitated state of mind as I know the family and am particularly fond of his fourteen year old daughter.
I enlisted the assistance of CPI – my brilliant high school and Uni friend asking her if the two kidnapped and abducted children had the same mother as the Crown Prince and my precious fourteen year old. She researched the topic and provided the following news:

“All extremely confusing, but it does not look as though the CP and the kidnapped Latifa OR your 14 year old princess have the same mother. ROD seems to have three daughters named Latifa – two of whom are married into Emirate royalty, but only one has the same mother as the CP. She was born in 1989, but the kidnapped Latifa was born in 1986. Her older sister Shamsa, kidnapped in 2001, was born in 1982 (same year as CP!). Last child listed for CP’s mother was born in 2001 – poor woman (married in 1979 with children in 1980, 81, 82, 83, 87, 88, 89, 2 in 1992, not twins, 94, 99, 2001).

For some reason this email brought me great relief – that she is, although not completely safe, at least in better hands. Children of the Royal Family are raised very differently from anyone else in the world – best described by CPI as tribal. Families are central, are core but with different mothers there are different tribes. It seems that the twelve children of the senior wife are in a safer tribe.

I laughingly say to CPI
Me: What is a person born in Saskatchewan doing being involved in all of this high drama concerning the Royal Family of Dubai
She: I do not know but it has something to do with the blog.
Me: You are absolutely correct. Little did I know when I began writing this thing in January of 2017 what the repercussions would be. I should make a list of them.

She went on to say :”ROD becomes more and more evil the more you look. Scandals not only for the kidnappings and spousal abuse, but also regarding child camel jockeys and horse drugging. And he seemed so kind and concerned in the BBC interview that any Dubai problems be addressed.
Evidently charges in the British legal system since 2009 that my attorney husband is aware of, but not familiar with.’

But then we went onto other matters
She: You are not alone in wondering about the value of Mike Pence as flu czar. Provincial health officer (a woman!) is on record as saying that B.C. alone has more virus test kits than all 50 states and “we are prepared”. Say what you will about the Canadian medical system.but we are much better prepared. .
Me: Yes there is an interesting Atlantic article about the lack of test kits throughout this nation and I will report it in an upcoming blog.

It does not do any good to worry about something you cannot do anything about. Wise Man is most proud of this attitude of mine. I must focus on staying healthy and being in good shape for my knee replacement surgery. When one takes care of oneself than one can take care of others.

The photograph is me in bed, taken and then texted to to certain young man. He had the funniest response but it is too vulgar to place in this blog. It certainly made me laugh and that is very good for me.

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