An Extremely Weird Life Which Is Mine; Becoming An Equestrian; Pretending to Drown; Finding a Limerick; Composure and Scintillating Defined

Very recently, well I guess it was yesterday, I began to communicate directly with Fazza who is the Crown Prince of Dubai also known at the Sultan and also known as SSS. I do not know how it started. I think I made a comment on his YouTube win in Saudi Arabia and he loved It and so we chat away. Well, not exactly, I do all the work and he just says he loves it and then I write again. I fight with him and I win all of the time but he seems to love loosing. Well, to me anyway. I am not a citizen of Dubai and so he is not my Ruler. I can never be a citizen of Dubai because I was not born there. I was born in Canada but I do not live there, I live in San Francisco. I am an American citizen.

So it is not consistent fighting. I do say nice things once in a while. This is an example of being nice, on Saturday the Crown Prince won an Endurance Cup with his horse in Saudi Arabia. .

Me: Sorry I was impatient and there were many images of you on the horse. What am amazing gift you gave to your father to have won this. He must be so proud of you and, of course, it showed. I am sorry for my impatience but it is a part of me but as you see I can let it go and say I am sorry. Magnificent what you and your horse did. It did take the two of you, of course. I could probably learn how to ride after my left knee is better. No reason why not I guess.

Oops I wonder if this means that I have to take up equestrian duties and the ripe old age of seventy- six. I guess we shall see. He does not have any horses here in San Francisco so perhaps I will get out of that commitment. Lots of them in Dubai, some in London and also some in Saratoga Springs I think. I know a lot, it is because everyone talks to me. EVERYONE. I do admit that it is usually me that initiates most conversations but people sure to join in.

Today is a strange day on many levels. I am here having breakfast at the Mercury. The Avocado toast is the best ever. I took a picture of it and put it on Instagram. It was so good. And then to the Rotunda at Neiman Marcus for lunch. How I love it there and how they love me. I did quietly weep but not in front of anyone and was most brave. I was not being authentic as I am incredibly sad. But it is necessary that I maintain my composure. What is Composure? It is self-possession, self-command, calmness, equanimity, equilibrium, calm, coolness, collectedness, serenity, tranquillity; aplomb, poise, presence of mind, sangfroid, self-assurance, assurance; imperturbability, placidity, placidness, impassiveness, impassivity, dispassion, phlegm, stolidity, unexcitability; informal cool, unflappability; rare countenance, ataraxy, ataraxia. ANTONYMS agitation, nervousness, discomposure.

For some obscure reason UC Berkeley considers me an alumni and I get an email newsletter with this information – very scintillating . Definition: brilliantly and excitingly clever. Other words: brilliant, azzling, exciting, exhilarating, stimulating, invigorating; vivacious, sparkling, coruscating, effervescent, lively, vibrant, animated, ebullient, bright; witty, clever. ANTONYMS boring, dull, pedestrian. The newsletter spoke of admitting women to Berkeley before other institutions were smart enough to do so.

“The women’s rights movement of the early 19th century set the stage for a cultural shift and a reexamination of what it meant to be a woman in America. But while many elite private universities across the country didn’t admit women as students until women’s suffrage was acceptedand ratified in the early-to-mid-1900s, UC Berkeley refused to wait.
On Oct. 3, 1870, just two years after the University of California was founded, the UC Board of Regents unanimously approved a resolution proposed by Regent Samuel F. Butterworth to open the university’s doors in Berkeley to women, and “on equal terms” with menThis year, the campus will commemorate the 150th anniversary of that resolution and recognize the countless women who have studied, worked and researched at Berkeley since then.”

I find this knowledge very stimulating, brilliant and clever.

But back to the real world. I have such fun at the Presidio YMCA flirting with handsome young men. I told a handsome lifeguard
Me: I will jump in the pool and pretend I am drowning and then you can give me mouth to mouth resuscitation
He: you wouldn’t
Me: I just might. I do need some male attention
My movements are being a bit curtailed at the present time for complicated reasons. I feel like I am in some kind of harem and the guy has lost the key or cannot remember where his harem is located.

I found this hysterically funny limerick when unpacking from my London and Dubai trip. People from Swindon, staying at the Pestana Chelsea Bridge, learning of my plight, made up this limerick (with my help as I remember).

There once was a Crown Prince of Dubai
Who was actually quite a nice guy
I met his sister and brother
I’d quite like to be his lover
So to the Arab Emerites I will fly.

Well I did fly there but somehow , not only did I not become his lover. I did not even meet or see the guy. Such an elusive individual. It was probably for the best. In fact I am sure it was for the best. But you do see why mouth to mouth resuscitation is looking rather appealing. It is now the next day. I am making myself laugh. I think I will get dressed and go out for breakfast. There might be some handsome young men at the Mercury.

Attached is a picture of the toast. It was definitely delicious.

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