Warning: No More Mister Nice Guy

I awoke this morning, super sick. A sore throat that would not quit. And then a series of misadventures that I will not relate right here and right now but a great many people are in serious trouble and if you have been around me – you will see. 

Even here at the Trump International Hotel RUDE people get all of the attention – everyone caters to them. It happened about six times this morning but I have blasted people. You, gentle reader, have never seen California Lawyer but when you do – you do not forget it. I am so angry. 

My wifi is not working…and why? Triple C. did not properly prioritize. Rude people are his main interest in life. 
But things did magically change. Why? Because I asserted myself and told everyone, and I do mean everyone, that I was sick and tired of being treated as if I was a second class citizen simply because I am nice and positive and agreeable. I am taking a stand not only for myself but also for all polite people in this world. I will perhaps run for Mayor of Vancouver and my pledge is to Rid Vancouver of Rude People. That actually would solve all of the problems in this city. Think about it and you will see that I am right. I practiced my slogan in front of Future Ex Husband. I raise my left hand and point and say: “Down with Rude People.” Future Ex Husband was impressed, particularly with the implied comparison with the Fuhrer. If you are smart you will get it, if not you do not, I do not care. 
Two polite women from Belgium came by my throne, just outside the Mott 32 Restaurant. I volunteered to give them a tour of the Trump International Hotel. I even took them up to my room and showed them my view. I took them to the pool and jacuzzi. They were SO impressed. I could give tours and, as a matter of fact, that was part of my resume. Everyone is ignoring my resume and I do mean Everyone. Why? Because I am polite. If I were rude, they would not. Why did those two women get the Special Guided Tour of the Trump International Hotel? They did because they are polite. I did tell them I was having a bad day and we talked about laughter and joy. I spoke of my basic motto: There is No Joy Without Sorrow. The wonderfully polite Belgium woman said this: “The joy does not come from outside, it is in you.” That was so profound, that was a gift. It paid me for the free tour. I do also humbly admit that the reason I reside within the walls of the Alexis Chateau et Tour is because I am polite and nice and positive and agreeable. That and because I know the right people. So there!! 
The photographs are of me the other day when I had my make up done again and of the video wall at the Trump International Hotel pool. You should be able to tell the difference between the two. hahahaha


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