I totally loved Chris’ comment about yesterday’s post. He, being the computer guru, gets to read my wisdoms first. After reading Colette’s truism he gave further advice: “There are indeed men everywhere. Watch your step. X” I am not exactly sure what that means; should i try not to trod on them, walk into them, both or neither? I am sure he will send further instructions tomorrow.
I will now speak of the day before yesterday, the day of travel between SFO and YVR and the pleasant experiences found therein. 
Aping the rich is a phrase, a way of life that I invented. What this means (I decided) is that particularly in the USA if one does what rich people manage to do – then one gets to experience the ease and quietude of the life of the rich. So, for example, rather than take a taxi to the Marin Airporter (a bus) that takes its riders to the airport; instead I called and hired a driver who picked me up at my hotel and took me to the airport in style. It was comfortable, it was fun, the driver was great. Did it cost more? A little, but it was worth it. That is how rich people get to the airport, I aped the rich. The driver and I had a marvelous conversation; he said I was so funny and my humor made his day. But he also said something rather profound: “ When you do not need something or somebody – they follow you.” I think that is true. Canada may get real crowded, as I am here and I have found that I do not need many of the somebodies I thought I did.   
 I have the ability to ape the rich for several reasons. The most important factor is that I have a Defined Benefit Retirement program. That means the income from my retirement does not drain any capital I may have. It is particularly convenient if you are like me with long lived parents and enjoy perfect heath. I am going to need income for many a year, income that will increase with inflation. It does and the income follows me wherever I may go and is sufficient for my needs. Now will my pension fund last be able to fund my needs? The answer to that is a resounding YES! And why is this a resounding YES? Because the pension fund apes the rich. It is invested in the long run and not the short run, temporary losses are meaningless as the fund is in the market for the long haul. The fund is excellently managed by a committee of competent individuals I do not have to worry my pretty little self about it. I can move on and do other things, like write blogs and books AND then with any luck at all my blog and book(s) will go on to make even more money. There is another apt phrase. When you don’t need money it magically comes your way. This is probably true in many places, although not in the UK, as you may read about more.  
Along with the Security of Money it is absolutely essential to get good medical care; because why bother if you are not healthy. I have excellent medical care coming purposively my way after returning to the USA for the explicit purpose of seeing my primary care physician who has been my man for forty years. It could be said that that only the rich get medical care. That may be true but, again, it is a case of aping the rich. I was able to have private medical care because there was only me, not me and ten kids and so my employer provided me with the best at no cost: again aping the rich 
But there is something far more subtle. Because I have these magic things: the guaranteed income and medical care, therefore, I am secure and confident. Men and mostly all people are wonderful to me. It is because I am not needly. People delight in me and often tens (if not hundreds, hahaha) tell me that I have made their day. Some say i exude confidence. I have nothing to prove and i can live in the moment for all kinds of reasons. I am not poor and downtrodden. So people gladly and happily assist me. Here are two examples occurring at SFO the day before yesterday. A man helped me with my back pack and a wonderful woman noted that the straps needed adjusting as the silly thing kept slipping off my shoulders and voila she adjusted them. Another profound truth is that neither of these acts would have happened if I had a man in tow. Being a woman alone exposes one to misogyny often but also to many joys and opportunities.  
Somehow I aped the rich and got in a magic security line wherein I did not have to take off my shoes, get my computer out of the bag, take off my underwear nothing. It was a breeze.( Once I went through security at San Quentin Prison when I was representing prisoners at parole board hearings. I had to take off my underwire bra. It was very embarrassing.)
 I flew with United and even though it was mere Economy the staff were unfailingly polite and there was nothing they would not do for me and in such a gracious manner. It was not true of a United flight two years ago. You and they will hear about it in a subsequent blog. 
I have found, unfortunately that people get jealous of me. But Excuse Me, I had a nightmare of a childhood, I paid for all of my own schooling, I worked my entire life, I saved for my retirement reliably and consistently since 29. I did marry three times but I achieved no spousal support nor generous property settlements. But I was intelligent enough to insist upon prenuptial agreements so that all of my retirement income is mine and I do not have to share it with unworthy men. But most importantly and most tellingly, I did not have children. Children are so expensive in both time and money. I apparently decided at the age of 14 not to have children. Do read the Betrayal section of the blog to learn of why I cannot remember because of betrayal trauma. 
This blog will end on a very happy note. Cousin Gail and I went vegetable shopping and I purchased all of the pictured vegetables with the intent of eating them. There is even an apple thrown in for good measure. I need help eating apples but a knife is going to have to do. 

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